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December 26, 2004 Tsunami

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Missing People From the Tsunami Disaster -- Missing from THAILAND

The people listed below have been reported as missing.

If you have any information about any of these people, please contact their loved ones at the e-mail address listed below the name.

IMPORTANT: Please be respectful to these people and ONLY send them an e-mail if you have information about their lost loved one. DO NOT send them an e-mail otherwise. Period. Thank you.

If you would like to add the name and information about a missing person, please click below:

Please ONLY use the link below to report a missing person. Thank you.

Missing Person Information Submission Form

Missing People -- Thailand

Abels, Ben
Missing from Phi Phi Island. Was staying at Princess Resort in bungalow 155. 6'3", 175 pounds; also has triangular tattoo on the inside of his left ankle and birthmark on his left cheek. Family desperate.

Aguirre, Mirtha
I am trying to get information on Mirtha Aguirre, one of my coworkers. Everyone is very worried about her. She was vacationing and she hasn't called her family or anyone else. EARTH-DAUGHTER@BLACKPLANET.COM

Aleo, Ed
American, last known to be on small island south of Phuket with his fiancee. tom@tileconevada.com

Allen, Brian
Brian Richard Allen. Canadian, 33 years old, 5'10" and weighing 175 pounds, black hair, hazel eyes. He was traveling with a Korean woman called Hee-Jeong, and her two children, age 8 and 3. rakimalhotra@yahoo.com

Allison, Michael; Sai, Kelly
Last known to be in Thailand. mattman@cpaz.net

Almberg, Alexander
Dear friends, we are searching for my sister's son Alexander Almberg from Sweden, born March 3,1981. He was on holiday with his girlfriend, sisters and parents. They stayed in Khao Lak at the time the waves hit the beach, he was probably at the beach. We know that all of them are OK, except for Alexander. Alexander is app.180 cm tall, short dark hair, he has a tattoo of a drake on his left breast.

Amistoso, Michael A.
My uncle, Michael A. Amistoso, was last known to be in Bangkok. He last contacted my cousin who currently resides in Hawaii the morning of Christmas Day. My Uncle told us that he would be taking a train to come to the States for Christmas break, but he has yet to contact us about his new current situation.

Amos, Gheba (Ami)
I am trying to find my brother in law that the last time we knew about him that he was in Thailand. He is 1.70, brown eyes, light brown hair.

Amour, Pascal
Searching for my nephew Pascal Amour. He is Australian, 21 years old and traveled with his friend on Dec. 20 from Melbourne to Thailand. Perhaps you have heard something from him. Would like to hear from you. Thank you for your help.

Andreva, Galina
Please inform about below mentioned Tourist to Phuket. Galina Andreva, Thai Airways

Angele, Franz and Henriette
They are both 58 years old. Last contact: 25.12.2005 at khao lak, near Palm Andaman. ch_angele@hotmail.ch

Angst, Cheryl Christine
Cheryl Christine Angst, 56 years old, grey brown hair, dentures, 5'5" tall, 150-160 lbs. Born in either Fergus or Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Relationship: 1st cousin. topzcopper@rogers.com

Ansari, Umair
My friend Umair Ansari (wheatish complexion, tall, healthy) was last seen at the market place when the tremors were heard. When the waves hit, I was at my hotel room and I haven't heard from him ever since.

Anstee, JC (Julia-Claire)
Lone backpacker, 26, approx 5'5", long dark hair, slim build, scars on both feet. Last heard Dec. 23 -- heading from Bangkok to Surat Thani planning to get a boat to the islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Have not been able to contact since tsunami, any info greatly appreciated.
Update: Anstee, JC -- alive and well in Thailand. Returning to UK in next few days.

Arnold family
My 9 yr. old's best friend, Harriet Arnold, and her family, Dr. Simon Arnold, Mrs. Sarah Arnold and George Arnold (12) were supposed to be in Thailand during the tragedy. The Arnolds currently reside in Japan, formerly of New Jersey. Hattie called my daughter on the 22nd from Japan to say that they were leaving the next day for Thailand. Please respond if anyone has any info. gtddm2@aol.com

Asavanund, Att and family
Looking for news regarding the safety of Thailand residents "ATT ASAVANUND" and family.

Ashton, Jaimie
I am sitting here in South Africa and have no idea how to find out if a special Canadian friend of mine, Jaimie Ashton, is OK. She has been teaching in Bangkok and was in the Krabi provence, Thailand, over the Christmas period. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Atkinson, Willie
My good friend Willie took a trip to Thailand Oct. 12, planning to return to Canada January 6. The last time I heard from him was Boxing Day morning. He was in Bangkok. If anyone can tell me of his condition and whereabouts please contact me.

Aursoonthornwatta, Phuanthip
I am trying to find Phuanthip Aursoonthornwatta, my friend from Thailand. She and I went to University together. She was living in Thailand, phone numbers don't work and I have had no emails since the Tsunami. I want any information of her that I can find. taxbabebarb@att.net

Ayers, Jack
We are looking for a neighbor who has a 2nd home in Thailand, possibly Phuket. We know it is on the beach and are concerned about him. His name is Jack Ayers. Jack is from Atlanta and is approximately 75 years old. We have no family contacts and the entire neighborhood is worried. ward9686@bellsouth.net

Bagley, Robert
Also goes by Bob, 52-year-old white male, living in Taipei, Taiwan as a teacher. Visiting Phuket through December 27. Speaks Mandarin. elbagley@crebdesign.com

Bakar, Adenan
My brother, Adenan Bakar, was supposed to go down to Thailand from Laos during the time of the disaster, I'm worried about his whereabouts because he has not contacted our family since the day the disaster happened. asmadima@yahoo.com

Baldwin, Sukanya Noparat
Looking for Sukanya Noparat Baldwin, last known to be in Thailand, approximately 5'8" tall, wears glasses, born in Thailand, lived in US for at least 20 years, returned to Thailand in late 90's, unsure of her date of birth probably born in mid to late 30's. sbaldwin9244@hotmail.com

Barrero family
Francisco, Adriana, Christian, Mischelle and Natalie. They may have gone to Phuket. monatienza@yahoo.com

Barua, Swathi; Darlington, Zac
We are trying to get in contact with Swathi Barua from Newcastle and Zac Darlington from the UK who were in Phuket for Christmas. tom.corrigan@csf.co.uk

Bass, Alvien
I am trying to contact Alvien Bass. He called me at the beginning of Dec. and told me he was in Thailand until Feb., possibly in the Phuket area. He is 6 feet tall and of slim build, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Bauman, Dan
My friend and his wife were in Phuket when the wave hit and we got a call saying they were ok but we have not heard from them since. Name Dan Bauman and Terry from Mission B.C. Could you please let us know if they are ok as his dad Ed is very worried about them and would also like news.

Baxter, Robert, wife and son
On vacation in or near Phuket. He has reddish brown hair and beard, is slim. He is American, wife, Atsuko Baxter, is Japanese. His son is William Baxter.
pcreich2004@yahoo.com and jamesborder88@yahoo.com

Beate, Frank; Liniger, Marcel
MARCEL LINIGER, Swiss, born 1977, last accommodation PP Princess Resort (Koh Phi Phi). BEATE FRANK, German, born 1978, same resort. dani@cekic.ch or ch_kueng@bluewin.ch

Bechtel, Jeff and Tucker, Charity
We are looking for our friend Jeff Bechtel and his girlfriend Charity Tucker. They were vacationing in Thailand and we have not been able to reach them.
Update: Jeff and Charity are fine and have returned to the states.

Beckett, Gene and Sue
We are looking for our clients/friends Gene and Sue Beckett from California. They were visiting relatives Thailand for the holidays and planned on being there for a month. We know for sure they were in Thailand when the tsunami hit but we are not sure where. We do not know any of their relatives' last names in Thailand. Gene is in his 60s and Sue is maybe 50 and from Thailand but we do not know her maiden name.

Behr, Alois
Looking for our friend, a German national named Alois Behr, mid-60s, short white hair. He is from Kaiserslautern, Germany, had a home in Thailand and is currently missing. His wife, Bea Behr (a Thai national), didn't travel with him on this trip and desperately needs news on him and all of her family members. We don't have her maiden name, just the married one. raphael.eredita@t-online.de

Bellman, James
My uncle is in Bangkok, Thailand. We haven't heard from him since the tsunami. His name is James Bellman. He is an airplane engineer. Please help us find our uncle for my grandmother so she can be at peace for with herself and stop worrying about her first born son. He is 60 years old. Thank you, Lanise Truitt. ltruitt@virtua.org

Benger, Alan
Looking for a friend vacationing in Thailand at the time of the tsumani. His name is Alan Benger. Please give me any info you may find on him. Thank you.

Benjathikul, Chamreonsak (Lek)
We are looking for information on our friends Lek, Kung, Num and Lolo from Dan Kwian 3 (Lek's Place) in Kata Beach, Phukett. If anyone has information please let us know.

Bennett, Robert James
Looking for my dad, Robert James Bennett, a resident of Thailand, formerly of Canada. Last heard from him as he wished my daughter a happy birthday on Dec. 14 via e-mail. May have been in Phuket or Patong area. In his early 60s, 5'9", with a Thai woman named Mol (pronounced Mahn). Any info would be appreciated.
Update: My dad is OK as he was in northern Thailand during the disaster, thank God. Praying for those of you still searching.

Benusilho, Isabela and Maurice
Seeking information about the safety of family friends Maurice and Isabela Benusilho of Paris, France, who were visiting their son David Benusilho and his Thai wife and 2 daughters over the Christmas holiday. Thank you for your help!
Update: Great news: we have heard from the Benusilhos and they are all safe. Maurice and Isabela were on a fishing boat off Phuket at the time of the tsunami and were completely unharmed -- a last minute change of plans from snorkeling to fishing likely saved their lives. They are now back in Paris. David Benusilho and family were in the mountains when the tsunami hit and are also all fine. Thank you all for your good wishes.

Berkhout, Job and Maria
Our friend has lost her twins aged seven at Khao Lak. Karin remembers trying to run with them both and that is all she remembers. They are Job and Maria Berkhout. Karin and her husband are currently in Bumrangrad hospital in Bangkok in ICU. Please if you have any information let us know.

Berngtsson, Antonio
Swedish family from Gothenburg, Antonio Berngtsson in late 20s with wife and two children -- one year and four years old. Went for Christmas holiday in Thailand.

Bernhardt, Don
A good friend of mine named Don Bernhardt recently moved to Phuket on November 15, 2004. I believe he and his girlfriend Carolyn were there during the tsunami. They had left me several e-mail addresses and have yet to respond to my emails. They were both from the San Diego area of recent past. Don is originally from Los Angeles and Carolyn is from North Carolina. gavinh@gen-probe.com

Berry, Jamelle
Berry, Jamelle. I haven't heard from her and am not sure how severely they were affected. She was living in Pattaya with her boyfriend, Yusef Wateef. Any information would be appreciated thanks. tobiasmaurice@hotmail.com

Bethke, William (Bill)
We are looking for William (Bill) Bethke, who was last heard from December 24. He was staying at a Samui Resort on Lamai Beach. Koh Samui Surat Thani Thailand 8431. Bill, we are anxiously awaiting your phone call. Bluebird122@charter.net

Biebricher, Jasmin
Her name is Jasmin Biebricher, and she was working for a German tourism company. She is my friend of 12+ years. She was transferred to Khao Lak a few weeks ago. I do not know which hotel she was working for in Thailand.
Update: My German friend, Jasmin Biebricher, has been located and is safe.

Bijl, Robert (Bob)
Robert (Bob) Bijl, (American) he lives in a hut on the Phuket beach where he worked with the fishermen. He is 61 years old. boschbaan@wanadoo.nl

Bingham, Rob and Elssy
Looking for Rob and Elssy Bingham. Currently living in Okinawa, Japan, but going to Phuket, Thailand for the holidays. rsmart@stx.rr.com

Bird, Haley, June & Nevel Haley
They are in their 30's. celinebirrn@comcast.net

Bjork Family
Seeking real estate agent Anders Björk, 40, of Malmoe, Sweden, father with sons August, 8, Jakob, 7. Last seen on beach [at] Khao Lak. Mother in hospital in Bangkok with non-life-threatening injuries. Please contact us, if any news. Thank you. helen.harris@seb.se

Blackford, Wade
I am looking for a friend, Wade Blackford. He and his family were on vacation in a condo on the coast of Thailand. Can someone please help smithniceville@aol.com

White male caucasian age 44 serving in the U.S. Air Force, stationed out of Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Was on holiday with Asian wife Noi and 2 young sons in Thailand. He has not been heard from since December 19th, 2004. His name is Wade Blackford. Any information would be greatly appreciated. AMS_Beachbum@yahoo.com

Blake, Richard Paul
Would anyone know the whereabouts of my 44-year old brother, Richard Paul Blake? He's Australian/British, ex-RAF and ex-Saudi Arabia and at the last letter was teaching English in Thailand, location unspecified. No-one in the family has heard from him and we're getting worried.

Blanchon, Annick and Buffie Race
I would appreciate any news about Annick Blanchon, my mother, and her friend Buffie Race, who were travelling in Southeast Asia when the tsunami hit. We believe they were in Laos and in Thailand. We have no news from them since December 20. Please contact me if you saw them at any time since then. agathou@yahoo.com

Blom, Arne and Lillian
Can you give me some information about Arne and Lillian Blom from Norway? They left for Thailand Dec. 16, from Oslo, and I haven't had any answers to my e-mails.

Blomberg, Sandra
Sandra Blomberg, working in Khao Lak, 22 years old from Sweden is still missing! She is 174 cm tall, has long blond hair and blue eyes. She also has a black tatoo in asian style on her lower back. Sandra's tattoo is around 15 cm long and maybe around 5 cm wide. When the tsunami struck, she was working at Blue Village Pakarang in Khao Lak and lived nearby that hotel. She was also dressed in an uniform from the Swedish travel agency "Fritidsresor". To be more exact; a blue t-shirt with red details, black shorts and brown shoes. She had a belt with the travel agent's logo on. Their logo contains three letters "TUI" and a smiling face. For any information please contact us. We are so many that worries about our dear Sandra. lindaelisabeth@hotmail.com

Bode, Jens
I am looking for information on my cousin Jens Bode. He was last seen in Phuket where he was holidaying with his friend Nadine. Nadine has been found alive and has returned to Germany, but Jens has not yet been found. sylviap@westman.wave.ca

Bondurant, Marca and Ashley
Teachers in Phuket. mrsmtndew27101@yahoo.com

Boonchouy, Barbara and Sanan
Our friends Barbara & Sanan Boonchouy were visiting Thailand from Dec. 16th to Jan. 13th with side trips to Cambodia & Vietnam. They are both in their 50's, Barbara is American and also goes by her maiden name of Ragsdale. Sanan was born in Thailand and has family there. We haven't heard from them and are very worried. reetsmc@aol.com

Boonman, Monique
We are desperate for news about Monique Boonman (32) and Wim (Willem) Snoodijk (35) from Kamperland, The Netherlands. They where supposedly in Theptharo Lagoon Beach Hotel in Khao Lak. Survivors from this hotel, please inform me what took place there on the 26th. pieter.rima@zeelandnet.nl

Boornanapim, Yardfon
We are searching to find Yardfon Boornanapim, "Pum," a friend and local in Thailand. She is the owner of Pum's Cusinine Restaurant located in Phi Phi Island. We would like her to contact us to see if we could be of help to her. We would like to know how she is. We hope and pray that she is well and alive. lesterpatsy1@hotmail.com

Borden, Lynn; Ali Vulcelich
Lynn Borden and Ali Vulcelich both are on holiday from South Korea on school break from Hanyang Oregon Launguage Institute wear they are teachers. They are both American citizens. It was confirmed they landed in Bangkok December 26, their time. Lynn is 23 years old lite brown hair, deep blue eyes, 150/160lbs. Ali is dark haired/eyes medium build. We are unsure the name of the resort they were staying at. peage_us@yahoo.com

Botha, Graham; Glass, Mark
Looking for Graham Botha and Mark Glass who were on holiday on or near Phuket. raf74@mweb.co.za

Bourne, William "Wil"
Looking for William (Wil) Bourne. Arrived in Phuket [on] December 20 for a two-week vacation. We haven't heard from him. Anyone with any info, please contact us. jeffqfc@bellsouth.net

Braun, Erik Martin
Erik Martin Braun, 35, from Lieb, Austria, was on holiday in Thailand.

Brenke, Henry J.
Henry J. Brenke, Washington DC. jb@parkprinting.com

Brown, Christine and Harold
Looking for Christine and Harold Brown. Last known whereabouts: Phuket. Suspected missing persons. melissa_k_lees@hotmail.com

Brown, Richard Norman
I am trying to find out the whereabouts of my stepfather who has lived in Thailand for the past seven years. His name is Richard Norman Brown, aged 53. He is around 5'7"-8" with brown/gray hair. He has no distinguishing markings, but had surgery for varicose veins a few years back, so might have small scars on legs. He has two different colored eyes, one brown and one green. He lives with a Thai friend called Jai in the Kamala, Kathu, Phuket area.

Brown, Robert (Bob) and Kevlin (Annie)
Robert Brown (Bob) and his Thai wife Kevlin (Annie), formerly of Peacehaven, United Kingdom. Moved to Phuket 2003 to build and open hotel on beach. Not been able to make contact since earthquake. Any information would be gratefully received.

Brunner, Jeanne and Claus
We are deeply missing and searching for our good friends Jeanne and Claus Brunner from Nacka, stayed at Khao Luc Resort.They were on the beach just before the wawe came. Their twins, age 15, are safe, and back in Sweden again. reretro@hotmail.com

Bubpha, Patree
Nncknamed Noi, aged 42, from Sukpracha Village, Thanlang Phuket. neufield@shaw.ca

Buchanon, John
I am trying to find out if my friend John Buchanon, who was visiting Thailand is okay. He is from Coos Bay, Oregon. He is a little over 6 ft, has close cropped hair and a wide smile. He speaks fluent Thai. Any info would be appreciated. thomas_IS_tn@yahoo.com

Buckley, Maura
I am looking for any information possible about Maura Buckley, 41. Maura is about 5'6", black hair, thin, and wears glasses. jayshoe@yahoo.com

Buecheler, Peter
We are looking for Mr. Peter Buecheler, Swiss national, born 01.03.70, 176cm, 70kg, blue eyes, blond-brown hair, scar on the left cheek approx. 7cm long. Peter was staying at Green Beach Resort in Kao Lak where he was caught up in the tidal wave.

Bui, Cindy; Nilsavang, Oliver
Does anyone have any information regarding the whereabouts of Olivier Nilsavang and Cindy Bui? caroline_813@hotmail.com

Buks, Andrew
Went to Phuket around Christmas. We were supposed to meet in New York on Dec. 28.

Bulow, Christina
Christina (Tina) Bulow and Nick (fiance) both from Geneva, last known to be at Khao Lak. No contact yet from them 30/12/04. We are praying for a positive outcome.

Burrows, Stuart
Looking for Stuart Burrows who left UK mid-December for 3 months in Thailand. Stuart lives in Pimperne, Dorset. Just want to know he's OK. gclifton@netcomuk.co.uk

Bursey, Ken
My teacher Ken Bursey went to Thailand and Cambodia to visit orphanages and mine victims. We have not heard from him since he left on Dec. 18th. He may have taken the kids to the beach on Christmas Day. Please let us know if anyone has seen him. Thank you.
Update: I wanted to tell you thank you for helping me look for my teacher Ken Bursey. We finally heard from him and he is safe. I was so scared and I feel so sad for the people that have not heard from their missing people yet.

Busch, Hans and Silvia
I am looking for Hans and Silvia Busch, Austrian citizens from Innsbruck. He in his early 70s and she is in her early 60s. Last seen at Kao Lak Orchid Resort.

Buswell, Joshua
I'm looking for word of my friend Joshua Buswell, who was living on Koh Phi Phi teaching scuba diving. rolandhulme@yahoo.co.uk

Byrne, Joseph
I'm sending this information to find out about a good friend. I received a Christmas card from his last know address which is: Mr. Joseph D. Byrne at the Tarntawan Place Hotel in Bangkok. ajbohio@aol.com

Cairns, Thomas
My friend Thomas Cairns could be missing. He was on vacation with his family. Email me as soon as possible if found.

Campbell, Fiona
Looking for my niece. andrena.low@bt.com

Campbell, John
American John Campbell was on an island off the coast of Thailand. He's about 180 lbs. white 5/10 reddish blonde mustache freckles on face and body. Light brown hair hazel eyes. He was building houses for sale to tourists somewhere on the island. He's from Boston Massachusetts. Parents live in Pennsylvania and don't know how to get intouch with them. Mother remarried. John is 45 yrs old. Part time resident of Thailand. teenie007@aol.com

Cargo, Nigel
I am looking for a friend named Nigel Cargo. He's a 51-year-old New Zealander who was living in Thailand with his girlfriend Nee. Any info would be much appreciated. traceymorgan@hotmail.com

Carr, Blaine David
Blaine David Carr, goes by David. He is 6'3", skinny, short red hair. He is about mid-30s. He is a co-worker at my company, Nuvox Communications in Orlando, Florida. richardwiley18@hotmail.com

Carr, Kevin, Melissa and Matthew
Was wondering if you have any information on my two children who are vacationing in Phuket with my ex-husband. They are Melissa age 17 and Matthew age 15 Carr. They are with their father Kevin Carr! I haven't heard anything about them and was wondering if somebody might have information. They arrived in Phuket on the 24th!
lmfish@kmmc.org and sammysue68@yahoo.com

Casas, Vanessa
Looking for my sister, a Spanish national named Vanesa Gómez Casas, 25 years-old. No one has heard from her. m_j@terra.es

Castro, Jose
I am looking for my son, Jose Castro, who was vacationing in Thailand for the holidays. He is about 5'7" weighs approximately 187 pounds, has light complexion and short, brown, curly hair.
Update: Jose Castro is fine and well. He was able to contact the family. Thank you so very much for your help.

Cauley, Marty (Martin)
He is a Vietnam Veteran from Eugene Oregon, USA. His destination was India.

Chang, Ken-Hua
Age 24, military from Thailand and Taiwan. cagoforth1@yahoo.com

Chalermpong, Poj
Hoping to confirm status of Poj Chalermpong a Thai citizen visiting the country for the holidays. meo1256@aol.com

Chapen, Alan
My friend Alan Chapen spends the winter in Bangkok. From there he treks around Asia. He sent me a Christmas card which I received way before Christmas telling me that he went to Tibet and that he would be spending the holidays in Bangkok. But from the time the card was written he could have changed his plans. I tried sending him a hotmail and I received no repsonse. Can you help? eepie1204@aol.com

Charumilind, Tanya
Tanya Charumilind, my girlfriend, flew to Thailand on December 22. She had plans to visit Phuket, but I don't know when. Her DOB is 11/07/83. She is an American, but her parents are Thai. She is traveling with her parents and brother, Pana, Tina and brother Sarun.
Update: Charumilind, Tanya has been located, she and her entire family were in Bangkok at the time of the disaster.

Chatzidaki family
Wolfgang Schaeffer, who is hospital in Khao Lak, seeks news on his missing wife Manuela, and their two small girls Elli and Patricia. There are photos of them at this Web site: /www.chatzidaki-schaeffer.de. roquemocan@hotmail.com

Chau, Janice
I am searching for Janice Chau. She is thin, about 5'6, half Chinese/Thai, United States citizen. Was last touring Thailand with her family. ctom3@csulb.edu

Chavana-Bryant, Cecilia
A Mexican, she is my sister and is still missing. Her photo is on the missing wall in Phuket. outtapez@hotmail.com

Chennels, Trevor
I am searching for a man named Trevor Chennels who is a close friend of mine. He was last believed to be a diving instructor and living on the Kho Phi Phi island of Thailand. He is roughly 6ft2 with lots of tattoos, possible nipple and ear piercings, some gold teeth and a shaved head. He is roughly 48 years old. If anyone has any information at all could they please contact me, I would be very grateful. Thank you. fatcat9733@aol.com

Chenoweth, Jenny
Jenny Chenoweth, originally from Thailand, was visiting relatives there on vacation. I have tried her international cell phone and left messages with no word yet. She is about 5'4" and weighs about 105 pounds. She is in her late 30s. broy@valspar.com

Cherry, Don
Looking for Don Cherry as he owned a home in the Phuti (sp) in Thailand. Was suppose to arrive there on Christmas Day. I am the daughter of his next door neighbor, in Jensen Beach, Florida. Thank You. Witchiek050@cs.com

Chetty family
I am looking for my friends Melanie Chetty, her daughter Nikayla & seven members of the Chetty family, they were last heard of in Thailand on December 25. nishlan@acenet.co.za

Chiron, Julie and Gordon, Craig
Seeking information regarding colleague. She and her husband arrived in Thailand on Dec. 22. She has a small, circular "serpent" tattoo on her inner arm. Her co-workers are waiting news. Thanks.
Update: Julie Chiron and Craig Gordon were in northern Thailand when the disaster struck. They're both safe and unharmed.

Chiron, Julie and Gordon, Craig
Julie A. Chiron and Robert "Craig" Gordon.

Choeichaiyaphoom, Parichat (Noi)
Her name is Parichat Choeichaiyaphoom. Her nickname is "Noi". I'm not sure of the name of the island she lived on, but it was on the west coast of Thailand. The last time I heard from her was on Dec. 22 via e-mail. Please let me know if she is still alive or where I could find out.

ChomChuen, Tanom
My mother's maiden name is Tanom ChomChuen. I also have a sister (name unknown). My uncle's name is Pang ChomChuen. They were last known to be in Suphan Buri years ago, but their whereabouts are currently unknown. I haven't seen my mother in 28 years (since I was 3 years old). Her last name was once Head, but I believe she has married my sister's father. tanom1231@aol.com

Chuladul, Maitri and Chaloseuk, Yanchi
Had been Thailand Ambassador and Counsellor respectively in Kuwait during 1991-92 period. They are retired and living somewhere on islands. exdiplomat@hotmail.com

Chumpatong family
I am looking for the family of my uncle, Lake Chumpatong, who is missing and was last seen in Phuket. Lake Chumpatong was thankfully rescued and is being treated in Bangkok for injuries but his wife, son (age 10), and daughter (age 7) are still missing. If anyone has any information about the whereabouts of the rest of the family, please contact me.
zurbz2003@hotmail.com or zurba@us.ibm.com

Chumpon, Aree
She is an OR nurse at Phuket International Hospital in Phuket. rogie72@verizon.net

Church, Danny and Julia
I am desperately trying to locate family friends Danny and Julia Church (nee. Tikannawa) who were on holiday in Phuket, Thailand. Their families have not heard from them since before Christmas and they cannot find out anything from airlines or embassy. Danny is Scottish and Julia is Japanese. Danny is currently on holiday from the army.

Clark, Robert and Nancy
Looking for Robert and Nancy Clark, their grandchildren Charlie and Kelsie Clark of Tucson, Arizona. Last known to be in Thailand for the Christmas holidays. Any information would be appreciated, please email me.
Update: I am pleased to say that we received a call from them that they are safe and back in the U.S. Thanks to all for their concern and may God Bless all and their families.

Clay, Ron and Dove, Dave
David Dove and Ron Clay. They were in Thailand visiting David's brother and sister-in-law.
Update: Ron Clay and David Dove have returned home to Vancouver, Canada safely.

Clayton, Robert
I am searching for my cousin, Robert Clayton, 25yrs old. casasm@dcfs.co.la.ca.us

Clayworth, Lee and Lamatia, Jeff and Joe
Looking for friends, possibly in Phuket: Lee Clayworth, Jeff Lamantia, Joe Lamantia, if any info please contact.

Clinton, John J. jr. and family
I am looking for my father/family: John J. Clinton jr., age 58, dob Feb. 4, 1946, white male, brown/gray hair, blue eyes, glasses. Last known whereabouts Thailand. Also missing relatives in southern Thailand: Chaluai Clinton, mom, southern Thailand; Anat Clinton, brother, southern Thailand; Ouie Clinton, sister, Nakon Sawan, Thairat Clinton, brother, Bangkok, Viroon Clinton, brother, Nakon Sawan. tiaclinton@msn.com

Cloud, Alyshia
Alyshia Cloud is my friend who went to Thailand, I don't know if she survived or not, please contact me. becka_ut02@hotmail.com

Clough family
Melanie Clough from Wimbledon, London. Last seen on Kiao Lak Beach, Phuket. Age 46, 5ft 10ins tall, blonde hair, blue eyes. Was holidaying with her family, husband Simon and children Natalie, Clemmie and Freddie. Simon and family are safe in Bangkok but are desperately trying to get any news of Melanie. vanessa.hitchen@btinternet.com

Coghlan, Patrick
Patrick Coghlan, British citizen, 60 years old on holiday in Thailand from December 16 to January 11.

Colston, Stephanie
An art teacher in the UK who has just left to tour round the world, said she would be in Thailand for Christmas. wren123@aol.com

Concaig, Thomas john
DOB 22/7/1934. British origin. Resident in Thailand for past 6-7 years. patriciaorp@hotmail.com

Connor, Andy
Does anyone know the whereabouts of our son Andy Connor and his girlfriend Joshy? Last known in Koh Tao, we don't know if they moved on for Christmas!! Please if anyone has any information please let us know. Thank you. sandra_mickconnor@hotmail.co.uk

Conolly, Dan
Hello, I am looking for any information on the well being of a friend who lives on a boat in Phuket, Thailand. His name is Dan Conolly and is Canadian, but has lived in Phuket for a number of years now. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Love and prayers to those affected by this tragedy. mikmac29@hotmail.com

Cooper, Francisca
Hi. I'm currently looking for a close relative who is missing in Thailand after the tsunami struck. Her name is Francisca Cooper. She is caucasian, blond wavy hair, 1.70 mts tall, athletic, 26 years old, chilean, and was spending her honeymoon with her husband Mr. Aurelio Montes at the Princess Resort in Phi Phi Island. She has a small scar at the front base of her neck. Her whole family is really desperate, and we don't know if she's alive or conscious. What we do know is that she doesn't know much English, so we guess it won't be easy to identify her once they find her. Update: Just wanted to let you know that the remains of Francisca Cooper have been found. She is no longer missing. Thank you.

Cooper, Kevin
Missing in Thailand. U.S. citizen on vacation. Last contacted us on 12/19/04 going to Burma then possibly heading to coast/Bangkok around time of tsunami. Kevin cooper, 46 years, brown hair and eyes, 5'10", traveling alone. mikimreynolds@aol.com

Correia family
I am looking for information on three missing Brazilians who were on vacation in Thailand during the tsunami. Their names are: Luis Antonio Correia, Florence Kerr Correia and Barbara Correia.

Conti, Eric
I'm looking for Eric Conti also goes by "Kahana." I don't know where in Thailand he was, but if anyone knows where he is or if he is okay, please let me know. Thanks! kevchacon@mac.com

Cotton, Eleonara and Barry Avon
Looking for Eleonora & Barry Avon Cotton. Married, white, ages 24 & 52, from Costal Del Sol, Spain. Her: tall, long red hair. Him: UK birth. Both English-speaking. Usually spend Christmas & New Years in Thailand. Catskillcamptv@cisbec.net

Cotton, Loy Eugene
Loy Eugene "Gene" Cotton, 68 year old white male from Plantation, Florida, USA. About 5' 10", 170 lbs, brown hair. Exact area of Thailand where he was is not known. hiruss@mindspring.com

Courbet, Marlene
Looking for Marlene Courbet from Hong Kong, last spoken to on Christmas Day. Believed to be in the Phuket area. Please let us know if she is safe. vinay@melwaniagency.com

Cramer, Jens; Kathleen Edwards
Looking for info on whereabouts of my friends Jens Cramer (German) and his American wife Kathleen Edwards vacationing in Phuket. lottecommerford@bellsouth.net

Cris, Douglas
Looking for a friend who was vacationing in Thailand. Believed to be in the Phucket Beach area and than was supposed to go to Bangkok. Age 45, 5'-9" tall, short redish/blonde hair, muscular build, from Washington. john.r.workman@boeing.com

Crosby, Cheryl
Very short grey hair, brown eyes, age 62. sharon3755@hotmail.com

Croft, Adrian
I am looking for my brother Adrian Croft and his French girlfriend Sylvie who is a Dr. They were on holiday in Phuket from the 22nd of Dec. Has anyone heard of their whereabouts?
Update: My Brother Adrian Croft and his girlfriend Sylvie are safe and well.

Crosby, Ann
Ann Crosby is an Asian woman about 5'9" tall who was visiting family throughout the region and was in Thailand on Dec. 13. She lives in San Fransisco and spent a lot of time in New Orleans. Have not heard anything from her -- which is not like her at all. Miss her and love her a lot. anne@kmafilms.com

Crotzer, Robert
Trying to find the whereabouts of Robert Crotzer of Rangeley, Maine. bsquare@onemain.com

Crowe, Ken
I am wondering about my friend's whereabouts. His name is Ken Crowe, Australian, 38 years old. He is a Bar Manager in Molly Malone Irish Bar in Phuket.

Cruzan, Jeff
I am looking for my friend Jeff Cruzan and his wife, who is from Thailand. jscalvo@ite.net

Daigle, Jack
Jack Daigle live in Pattaya Thailand, but friends have not heard from him and did not know whereabouts when tsunami hit. He is 6"4, caucasian, tattoo on lower back. wendi26@yahoo.com

Dangboonrueng, Kamolchanok
Kamolchanok (Jessica) Dangboonrueng. xotrueblonde49@aol.com

Daniel, Stephanie
Am looking for Stephanie Daniel from San Francisco. Left for Thailand on Dec. 23rd for 3 week vacation. Does anyone have any information?
Update: Stephanie Daniel from San Francisco has been located. She checked in with her employer and she is fine. Thank you everyone for your heartfelt concern.

Dapueto, Sarah
She is a Canadian who teaches school in Kuwait. She is 31-32 years old, red hair, fair skin, tall.
Update: I just wanted to update everyone on my missing friend, Sarah Dapueto. Thank God, she was in a very minorly hit area and was able to return home to Kuwait safely and unharmed. Thanks for all of the responses I received from posting about her. Thanks so much for your concern. I will continue to pray for the remaining injured and missing.

Davey, Kelly
Her name is Kelly Davey, originally from Houston TX, age 18, white, female.

Davis family
Looking for Justin and Rebecca Davis and their two sons, Sam and Alex. Update: I have been successful in contacting them they are all well.

Davis, Aaron
I'm looking for my cousin Aaron Davis, an American citizen born in Illinois, 1973. Aaron lives in Bangkok; however, went to the seaside for the holiday.
Update: According to The Beloit Daily News, Aaron Davis, 31, sent word that he was in Bangkok, safe from the tragedy that devastated coastal Thailand, where he moved two months ago to teach English and study martial arts.

Davis, Martin Thomas
Hello I am trying to locate my brother who has lived in Phi Phi or Phuket, Thialand for approx. 5 years now and we cannot locate him. No one has heard anything from him as of Wednesday, Jan 5th 2005. His name is Dr. Martin Thomas Davis, we call him "Marty". He is approx. 5'10 150-160lbs. He is a white male with green/brown eyes from the Seeleyville, Indiana, USA area. He has dark brown wavy to curly hair, usually worn to the neck area. He is a good natured person with lots of smiles and great attitude.If anyone knows this person's whereabouts please contact me. ladywolfe20@yahoo.com

Davis, Mike
He is from Chicago. He went to Thailand in late December to live with the Buddhists for 3 months. He is tall and has blond hair and is about 43 years old. urbandj@netzero.com

Davies, Stanley and Hughes, Sharon
Please e-mail with any news. a.bilton2@ntlworld.com

D'Avola, Antonio
I am looking for Antonio D'Avola, a citizen of Italy, who was vacationing with his family in Phuket/Phi Phi Island. Both his wife and son are deceased, nobody heard of him since December 26th. Please let me know if you have any idea of his whereabouts. Many thanks. barbarabt@msn.com

De Brosse, Gaille
Gaille De Brosse (French). On vacation in Thailand. tomgnyc@aol.com

De Gouveia, Anita and Tony
We are looking for family of ours Anita and Tony De Gouveia their sons last spoke to them on Dec. when they were on the Phi Phi Island. Please if you have any information on them it would be greatly appreciated, as we have heard nothing since the disaster struck!

De Granada, Caro Henriques
He is an Australian citizen living in Thailand. He often uses the last name of Granada to avoid problems with his name, but his passport should be Australian under Henriques de Granada. He is 58 years old and speaks with an Australian accent. kdegranada@aol.com

De Graf, Ap
A citizen of Netherlands, but living now in Munich. He planned to go to Thailand and spend his Christmas and New Year there. vanamali.sg@arcor.de

De Guzman, Celine
Celine De Guzman -- child (1st grade); from California; originally from the Philippines; short brown hair; in vacation in Thailand during that time. paripod@yahoo.com

De Jong, John
He was in Kata, Phuket. Please let us know if you have any information. eline_smith@hotmail.com

De Lange, Deon
Deon de Lange, from Johannesburg Meldene. Please if found send information to us.
Update: Thanks everyone. I received a message the following day after I placed information regarding Deon de Lange on the site. Deon is well and alive!!!

de Vos, Melissa and Ben
I'm searching for any information about Melissa and Ben de Vos. They went to Thailand for their Honeymoon on Dec. 19 and are suppose to return Jan. 10 2005. illseschultz@yahoo.com

De Vries, Dominique
I'm looking for Dominique De Vries she was on a vacation in Phuket. Her parents and her little sister are already found but Dominique is still missing.

de Vries, Remco; Nong de Vries-Waritsara-Sribunyodom
I am looking for my son and his wife. He stayed in Khao Lak, in Thuptong quest house. His name [is] Remco de Vries and his wife [is] Nong de Vries-Waritsara-Sribunyodom. joop@demoezel.demon.nl

Delaney, Joe
I'm very worried about my friend. His name is Joe Delaney, he has dark skin, a bald head, and plays drums in the band at Scruffy Murphy's Irish pub in Patong.

Delplanche, Jacqueline
Jacqueline Delplanche from Belgium and Charles from Great Britain were on Phuket. ingul@vologda.ru

Demaine, Len
Len Demaine, 55 years old, Canadian citizen born in UK, lived in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, until year 2000; blue eyes, about 5'6" tall, stocky build. info@griffinlakelodge.com

Denny, Meghan
From Orange County, California. graytidea@aol.com

Denis, Severine
am searching for my friend Severine Denis. She was a French divemaster on the island Kho Phi Phi. All contact is lost. Elfie_Van_Haudenhuyse@hotmail.com

Desser, Bob and Duc Quach
I'm looking for 2 good friends vacationing in Thailand during Christmas: Bob Desser (from Florida) and Duc Quach (from California). vantoc@aol.com

DeToro, Robert
Looking for information regarding Robert (Bob) DeToro. He is an English teacher and bungalow owner. brownk@rferl.org

Dickenson, Duane
Aged 37. He was in Thailand on vacation. Please contact me if you have any information. We miss him desperately.

Ditchburn, Darren
On holiday for three weeks in Koh Sumui/Phuket area over Christmas. He's from Caterham, UK. He's 5'5" tall, very south London. Works in printing trade. Any news greatly appreciated. emmalegseleven@aol.com

Dodge family
I am trying to locate Brooks Dodge's family. Jan ("Cricket") Frank Dodge (wife of Brooks Dodge) and their three daughters. Please try to send me email to let me know that you are well.

Dolan, Paula; Richard Diamond
Paula Dolan and Richard Diamond are American citizens who both teach in Doha, Qatar. They were vacationing in Phuket, Thailand. No one has heard from them. If anyone knows of them, please let us know if they are OK. Any news would be greatly appreciated. Update: Received information that they are safe. Thank you for your assistance.

Dolan, Phillip Fredrick
I am trying to locate a close childhood friend, Phillip Fredrick Dolan, who was living in Thailand after retiring from the U.S. Coastguard. I am unaware of his last address. I would like to know that he is okay.

Dolen, Tom
Tom Dolen and his girlfriend were in Thailand when the tsunami hit. cindyalways@hotmail.com

Doner, Denise
Our friend Denise Doner was vacationing in Thailand with her German boyfriend. We have not heard from her since the tsunami. Please help us find her. Update: Heard from her on Monday. She and Ali are ok. They got the quake but not the wave. They are on the east coast heading north, I believe to Germany. She is OK.

Donovan, Helen
Looking for Helen Donovan and boyfriend Chris who were in Thailand/Phuket for December.

Dorn family
Peter, Seeta, Darshini and Sangita, they were to travel to Phuket from Poona, India. Family of four on vacation from Wellington, New Zealand. They may have traveled to a resort in Phuket. melindarudio@yahoo.com

Dougill, John
Last known flying to Thailand from Japan 25 Dec. roli.huggins@ntlworld.com

Drechsel, Stephanie
Stephanie Drechsel, 34, 1.74m, 60kg, shoulder length dark brown hair, brown eyes. Has a big tattoo on her back in the lower part of her kidneys of a red ball in the middle with runes in yellow, black and orange. She wore a black bikini and her toe nails had red nail polish. She was last seen at the beach in Khao Lak. She stayed at the Sofitel Magic Lagoon Khao Lak. We gratefully appreciate any information on Stephanie.

Dreher family
Camilla is currently at ThaiMuang Hospital in Phang-Nga. She wants to see or meet with her family. charoen@bjc.co.th

Dudnik, Irene
Irene Dudnik: Female, around 50 years old, dark brown hair with some white. Orinigally from Ukraine. trakrug@sbcglobal.net

Duffy, Shamsa
Looking for Shamsa Duffy and her boyfriend, Conor, from Ireland. cathbodry@yahoo.com

Dunbar, Bruce and James
Searching for brothers Bruce and James Dunbar, formerly of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, now residing on Phuket. seabearnewfs@shaw.ca

Dupre, Andrew
I am looking for any information regarding the condition and whereabouts of Andrew Dupre. He is a citizen of the U.S. and lives in Delaware. He was traveling in Thailand during the tsunami. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. internWL1@carper.senate.gov

Duranton, Florence and Enzo
Travelling in Thailand and then they were going to join us in Phi Phi. Please give us some news. panuel@tcn-catv.ne.jp

Durr, Alan
Last known to be in Thailand on December 26 with Dean and Amanda Spielman.
Update: I was listed as missing while traveling in Thailand with Amanda and Dean Spielman. We are all safe and have returned home.

Dykes, Darren
arren Dykes, lives in Windsor, Berkshire, UK. He was in Thailand for Christmas holidays with his family. He is about 6' tall, medium build with short fair hair. Works out in the gym so looks very fit. wildfly8@aol.com

Eachells, Warren
Warren Eachells is my son and was last in contact with me from the Wat Pah Nanchat Buddhist monastery in Thailand. Contact me at charmainee@cointel.co.za

Edwards, Mark and Sue
We are searching for our family friends, Mark and Sue Edwards and their young sons Jack and Sam. They reside and teach in Kuwait. Mark is a British National, and Sue is Australian. melissascott_alhumoud@yahoo.com

Edwards family
Edwards, John (64) and Ling (40); son Paul (14), daughter (9). Friends from Cashiers, North Carolina were visiting relatives and friends in Thailand for the holiday. Please advise their whereabouts if known.
Update: After touring beaches in Phuket and Lanta Island the week before Christmas, all found to be well, visiting relatives in Chiengmai for Christmas.

Einhorn, Russell
From West Hollywood, California. He is 48. He was in Phuket. snakemannn@aol.com

Elezkurtai, Lorenzo
I am looking for information on my friend Lorenzo Elezkurtai, who was vacationing with Albanian and Italian friends in Thailand -- most likely in Phuket. He is a resident of the UK. I am eager for any information available. sbsinlondon@yahoo.com

Elliott, Jason Lloyd
I'm looking for Jason Lloyd Elliott from the London area. I'm not sure where he was vacationing -- probably Thailand. Most likely he was with his girlfriend Caroline from Perth. Jason is 34, 5'6", short blond hair with sideburns, blue eyes, stocky build, sometimes wears glasses. I don't know Caroline's last name or what she looks like. If you know anything about Jason and Caroline please get in touch with me.

Ellis, John and Lynette and Field, Debora and Christopher
Seeking any information on the following persons: Rev. John Ellis, his wife Mrs. Lynette Ellis (wife of Rev. John Ellis), Mrs. Debora Field and her son Mr. Christopher Field. gshamilton@myaccess.com.au

Ellis, Carmen
Carmen Ellis her parents and two sisters from the UK. In Thailand on holiday. Please let me know if you have been in contact with them. rachna_patel24@yahoo.co.uk

Emmert, James
I'm looking for Mr James Emmert. He is the father of a friend. Any whereabouts of Mr Emmert will be great help. plz contact my self in a form of an e-mail. mcruz_cbr@yahoo.com

Eng, Phillipa
We are trying to locate our friend Phillipa Eng who was living in Phuket with her boyfriend Jason. (Unfortunately we do not know his Surname) Known as Pip, she is half Chinese/British and working as a deep sea diving instructor. Any information is much needed.

Epstein, Daniel
He is in his 20s. He is a teacher who went to explore the world and stayed in Thailand to teach English as a second language. Mresto@yahoo.com

Ericsson, Ragnar Bang
This message is on behalf of Lise and Anders Ericsson who are desperately looking for their two-year old son Ragnar Bang Ericsson. He was last seen on the 26th of December just before the wave hit in Kao Lak (the province of Pang-nga) in Thailand. Ragnar is 95 cm (3'1") tall, weighs about 18 kg (40 lbs) and has a birthmark in the form of a pink triangle on the lower back. He speaks Norwegian and Swedish. Both his parents are safe, Lise is at Phuket hospital. sb@monkey-mind.net

Espinoza, Fred and Laura

Evans, Debra; Kevin John McCarthy
I am looking for a member of my husband's family and her boyfriend. Her name is Debra Evans, born 10/8/73. His name is Kevin John McCarthy, known as Sam, born 8/29/71. They are from Camberley in Berkshire. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, please contact me, as her parents are very worried. They have not heard from them since the tsunami hit. They were staying in Phuket,Thailand. jndshirt@jazzfree.com

Eyde, Dana
I am looking for Dana Eyde, a resident of Tucson, Arizona. He is in Thailand with his mother and sister. Dana is over 6' tall with curly blond hair and ruddy skin. kiwagner@mtholyoke.edu

Fang, Sam and Lyn
Searching for Sam & Lyn Fang -- Chinese Singaporeans. Last known residential address Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand. Age: mid 40's. Sam is a master diver & journalist. Lyn is an advertising consultant. Both worked in resorts -- previously Thara Patong Beach Resort. Sam worked for T.Dive in 2001-2002. Any information appreciated. kiwinomad@hotmail.com

Falk, Sara, Matilda, Lucas; Jansson, Johan, Josefine, Eleonor
My name is Jonathan Falk, 13yrs old from Stockholm, Sweden. I was at the Blue village Pakarang Hotel in Khao Lak, celebrating Christmas with my family when the water came. Me and my friend was playing in the room, while my Mother (Sara Falk, 38yrs) and Stepfather (Johan Jansson, 40yrs) was on the beach with my 3 sisters (Matilda Falk 15yrs, Josefine Jansson 12yrs, Eleonor Jansson 14yrs) and my younger brother Lucas Falk, 7yrs. Bruised but otherwise ok, I was evacuated alone on Monday back home to Sweden and to my Father Joe. I have not seen my family since or heard anything from them and I am very worried. If anyone can help me and us find my family please call or email:

Farrulla, Mario
I'm looking for my boss. He is a U.S. citizen working for U.S. Army in Korea. He was supposed to stay at the Holiday Inn resort in Phuket with his wife and three daughters. His name is Mario Farrulla, born in 1952. He is a Puerto Rican-American. He has a short beard, short black hair, wears glasses, very stout (about 150kg) and about 173cm tall. He wears a gold wedding ring on the fourth finger of his left hand. He is a little bald on the top of his head. Everybody is looking for him praying that he and his family are all safe and well.

Faulstich, Ewald
German National, Date of Birth 27 March 1958. Last seen in Bangkok on 24 December, then he travelled south for the festive period. craigv@telkomsa.net

Fulton, Maura
My friend, Maura Fulton. She has been working in Thailand for several years. She could be in BKK and safe but I haven't heard from her despite my emails, which worries me immensely. She works for the Peace Corps.

Fayet, Sam Archer and Ruby Rose
We are looking for our dear friends Sam Archer Fayet and baby Ruby Rose Fayet. Last seen on Khao Lak, Thailand. Her husband Patrice survivied thankfully but desperate to have news on Sam and Ruby. They reside in Paris. Sam is a English National. jramey@imgworld.com

Felix, Elke; Eberhart, Rudi
Looking for Elke Felix (38) and Rudi Eberhart (40) both from Austria. They were backpacking in Thailand, Phuket/Krabi area. e-m.s@chello.at

Fenton, Les
I am the niece of Les Fenton. I have been emailing him, but have received no response. My uncle lived in the U.S, and Mexico, and he left Mexico to go to Thailand. He is 66 years old. Approximately 5'10'' weight can fluctuate 180 approx. Brown thinning hair/Brown eyes. He wears glasses. He was born in Rhode Island/raised in Groton CT. He worked in the ship building industry. He is retired. He has 2 kids. My Mom and I are concerned about his welfare. Pennship@aol.com

Ferrando, Greg
Greg Ferrando, travelling abroad to many countries. Blue eyes, around 45, from Maui, driving instructor. surfkrl@netscape.net

Find, Frederik and Rokmann, Linda
Does anyone know the status of the village at Naithon Beach just north of Laguna Phuket? I am also wondering of the fates of the lovely Thai family who operated The Beach House on the beach there and also Linda Rokmann and Frederik Find who just recently established a café there called "Café-Nitnoi."

Findlay, Dilly
This is what Magdalena (Dilly) Findlay, a 42-year-old South African caucasian female, was wearing on Phi Phi Island when last seen: light blue bathing suit, short sarong with raindrop spots and tassles, blue crop top with "spaghetti" straps. A "Moonbag" with approximately 200bhat, spectacle case with spectacles. Also diamond studs in both ears She is approx 1.6m , 60-65kg, has fair hair and grey eyes. mg@ampath.co.za

Fischhaber, Antonia
Searching For: Antonia Fischhaber - Nationality: German - 10-year-old girl from Dachau - Height: 145 cm - Color of hair: Dark blonde - Other Details: slim, slightly curled hair, some freckles on her nose - Last Seen: Khao Lak.

Fitzgerald, Patrick
Retired operating engineer from Las Vegas, Nevada. Last reported to be living in Phuket, Thailand. Was supposed to be getting married in Thailand in near future. gegge2@msn.com

Fitzpatrick, Deirdre; Colleen and Margie
I am quite concerned about Deirdre Fitzpatrick and her two daughters, Colleen and Margie. Margie not pronounced "Margee." Deirdre is a tall redhead, with beautiful green eyes and a lot of freckles. Thank you for everything. May God bless you all. GoodfriendRoe@aol.com

Flanders, Seth and Laicharonchiat, Siriwan
I am looking for a guy I know, Seth Flanders and his wife Siriwan Laicharonchiat. Seth is originally from Miami, Florida and was teaching English in a school in Thailand. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Fleming, Bill
Looking for Bill Fleming. devans1737@ntlworld.com

Fleming, Jeff
I am looking for a co-worker named Jeff Fleming and his wife who went to Phuket for vacation.

Flournoy, Raymond
Looking for my uncle Raymond Flournoy of Montreal Cananda traveling in Thailand. Left for Bangkok, Thailand on December 24, 2004. Due to return to Montreal, Canada approximately February 22, 2005. Hotel and exact location information unknown. ottistf@yahoo.com
UPDATE: Raymond has been located and was not harmed by the tsunami.

Fodden, Mark
I am looking for Mark Fodden from Portland, Dorset, England. I believe to be on holiday somewhere in Thailand. Please e-mail with any information.
Update: Has arrived home safe and well, thank-you all for looking, and I hope you all find your loved ones very soon, my thoughts are with you.

Fodor, Karen
I am searching for my friend Karen Fodor from Chicago. I believe she was in the Railey beach area in Krabi, Thailand. She is an approximately 42-year-old Caucasian woman with reddish blonde hair and blue eyes. Thank you. JHESSING@NSHOR.COM

Fomina, Tatiana
Please contact me if you have any information of Ms. Tatiana Fomina (Russian). She came to Phuket with her family for Xmas holiday. nhuhao_le@yahoo.com

Fotiadis, Pete, Joanne, Steve and John
From Clearwater, Florida. I registered them as missing on the Thai Red Cross database, and I received a message that said, we regret to inform you that the following person is either injured or deceased. then it listed names of people to contact. the people listed as contacts were Joanne Jung, Peter Gibbson and Joann Fitzpatrick, who were all on the injured list. If anyone has any information we would really appreciate it. BOOLIEANN@AOL.COM
Update: The Fodiadis family, Joan, Pete, Steve and John are all fine. They phoned on 1/6/04 to let us know that they were in Bangkok, but were not injured.

Foures, Tracy, Alexander and Christian
They were vacationing on Phuket. Only their 7 yr old son has been heard from. sally.perrin@noos.fr

Foust, Angela (Angie); Skully, Luke
Angela "Angie" Foust from Portland Oregon is missing. She is a 33-year-old with fine blond hair, approx 5'2", is very fit and was traveling with her boyfriend Luke Skully of Portland. Please contact us if you have any information. Luke has brown hair, approx 5'11 and average build. Both are in their mid-30s.
ingallsd@windermere.com also bsf32@wifi-nw.com

Fox, Anikke
I'm waiting to hear from my friend Anikke Fox who was on holiday with her family in Thailand. They are from Seattle, WA, USA. Just need to know that they're okay. mtm263@nyu.edu

Fox, Derva
I am a good friend of Devra Fox (sister of Anikke Fox). Just want to know that they're okay. Please contact me with any information.

Fox, Eric
Born in February 1969, 5'9', has blonde hair and blue eyes with a fox tattoo on shoulder. He is traveling with a freind, named Pascal from Switzerland.

Fox, Mark, Sheila & Christopher
A British family who were on a diving holiday on Kho Phi Phi Island in Thailand.
Update: Please remove the message you posted for me looking for news of Mark and Sheila Fox who were diving at Kho Phi Phi, Thailand. I have heard that they are OK. They were on a diving boat at the time and the wave passed under the boat. Thank you for all your efforts to get news to worried friends and relatives.

Fragalla, Angel
Angel Fragalla from Pittfeild Mass. white male, 40, hazel eyes, shaved bald head, 6'1, approximately 190lbs. I am his ex-girlfriend and he has elderly grandparents in NY who have not heard from him. Angel, if you are okay please e-mail me.

Frank, Erik and Margit
Austrian citizens, 53 and 43 years old, stayed at Sunset Resort Khao Lak and supposed to be seen at the National Park in the surroundings or the Golf Club nearby, but no news. frankcanarias@hotmail.com

Frankfurter, Emery
I am looking for information about my friend Emery Frankfurter, a 54 year-old Canadian working in Korea as a teacher. He was to be in the Patong area before the tsunami hit. None of his friends have heard from him. Any info would be appreciated. nixondave@hotmail.com

Fraser, Derek Graham
I am looking for any information about Derek Graham Fraser. He has been in Thailand since Oct 04 and is expected to return to Canada mid Jan 05. He is approximately 5'11", slim build, Tattoo's, and he has a girlfriend named Boon and a daughter that was born to Boon March 04. His daughter in Canada is extremely worried about him and would like to know if he is safe. Thank you.
Update: Derek Graham Fraser has been found. He is alive and well. Thank you for your help and support.

Fredriksson, Charlotte
Charlotte "Lotten" Fredriksson, 19 (sweden) missing from Sita Garden, Bang Niang Beach, Khao Lak. She was at the beach when the tsunami came. She may have been spotted at the Takuapa hospital the 27th of Dec, it's not sure. Charlotte wore a lightblue/turquoise bikini/swimming suit (two parts). She has a small tattoo on the upper side of her right-hand wrist, a big light brown birthmark on her left arm, blonde long hair, blue-green eyes, and she's about 160-165 cm tall. mankka_@hotmail.com

Fredriksson, Magnus and Andersson, Maria
Magnus Fredriksson and Maria Andersson and four-month old daughter Miranda from Nykoping, Sweden. We received a postcard from them on Dec. 24 from Phuket. Haven't been able to find their names listed anywhere. Deeply hoping they are safe.

Freitas, Maria Margarida Vargas
My friend Maria Margarida Vargas Freitas is missing. I'm seeking news on her and her "companheiro" Thomaz Wiegle. They were in Phuket. fernandasantos@cssines.min-saude.pt

Frey, Gaby and Michel
Two SUISSE people and they are on holidays in Phuket, Thailand. tsunami@turner.com

Fritsch, Peter and Gaye
I am looking for news of Gaye and Peter Fritsch in Thailand.
Update: Gaye and Peter Fritsch are found alive.

Frodsham, Peter
A very old friend that taught me a lot was last heard of in Phuket. His name is Peter Frodsham; he was also a part of kayaking team and lived in Thailand. sidhu@shaw.ca

Fronick, Matt
Last known to be living in Phuket Thailand. Matt has a lot of friends here in Kona worried for his safety and health. Matt has lived in Thailand for about one year. Matt is originally from Chicago, a retired firefighter. Matt please let us know of your location and any help you may need. robb61@msn.com

Ganders, Fred and Kennedy, Helen
Haven't heard from two friends holidaying in Phuket: Fred Ganders and Helen Kennedy.
Update: Both are safe and home.

Garcia, Linda
Female, 24 years, black hair, 1.65m height, Mexican. Last known, she was in Phuket or Phi Phi on Dec 25th. with 4 Canadian friends.
Update: She is Safe.

Garon, Howard
Ex-husband Howard Garon, 55 yrs. old. Moved to Thailand over 10 yrs. ago. Married a native nurse and had a child. Retired from Chrysler Corp. as an engineer, prior to move. Please provide any info available. Thank you. MsDgns@cs.com

Gaude, Fritjof
Fritjof Gaude (German) and his family (his wife and son) were in Khao Lak, Thailand when the tsunami struck. Your effort to find them is highly appreciated!!!

Geneser, Alexander
I have a friend who lives in Thailand. It's been a little while since I've had contact with her. But I still want to know if she and her family are alright. Her name is Alexander Geneser she lives in Thailand, although I do not know the specific city where she stays. soulchild_99@hotmail.com

George, Eberhard
I am looking for my dad, Eberhard Goerge. Last seen in Khao Lak. Age 56, 180 cm, 85 kg, dark/gray hair, German. Please contact me for any information on his whereabouts. stefaniegeorge@web.de.

Georis, Jean Piere and Christina Nire
I received a Christmas card today from my friend who live in southern France. The card was dated 12/14/04. They mentioned they would be staying in Thailand for 3 months. They love the beach so we fear that they might have rented a place by the ocean. Their names are: Jean Piere Georis and Christina Nire. joepitassi@verizon.net

Gerstenberger, Sandy
She was in Phuket. Her name is Sandy Gerstenberger, is in her 30s and is German. alicenightingale@hotmail.com

Gettong, Thanawut
Name: (Toy) Thanawut Gettong. Location: Saladan, Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand. Worked at Lanta Sea House. nahrakjung@aol.com

Giarakul, Anongnit
I am not sure if my friend Anongnit Giarakul [Giankul] aka Pam was affected by the disaster. Just would like to know if she's okay. Please let me know if anyone knows if she's okay. Thanks.

Gilstrap, Ray
Co-worker Ray Gilstrap left San Diego for Thailand around Dec. 10, expected back Jan. 8. Tanned Caucasian, about 5'6", approx 50+ years old, short grey hair.

Gobey, Francine
Female, 39 years old, British, white skin, freckles, brown hair, 5'3". Traveling with boyfriend, Robert, who is from Belgium, I think. blurabbits@hotmail.com

Golan, Ralph and Charlyn
I am trying to find out about Dr. Ralph Golan and his wife, Charlyn Golan, of Seattle, Washington. They were vacationing in Thailand. Please send me any information that you may find. khfmpn@swbell.net

Goldman, Oliver
I am looking for my friend, British citizen Oliver Goldman, about 35-years-old. He is a lawyer from the London area and has dark thinning hair and dark eyes. Oliver told me earlier this month that he would be visiting the Far East for the holiday season -- I believe in Thailand. Tali1@aol.com

Goldstein family
David, Julia (parents, middle-aged), Abraham (age 18), and Elianna ( 21) Goldstein. Known to be vacationing in Thailand. Residents of San Francisco, CA. jon.maden@gmail.com

Goodman, Ellis
I am looking for my cousin, Ellis Goodman, who is in Thailand on holiday with his family, wife Gillian, daughter Sarah and her husband and daughter, and son Paul. Appreciate any response. infosteph@aol.com

Gornov, Nickoli, Olga; son Vladimir
Russians on vacation in Pukhet for the Christmas holiday. They have not returned home from their vacation. Thank you, Svetlana gsmorgan32@yahoo.com

Gouldstone, Tammy
I am looking for my friend, Tammy Gouldstone. She was living in Singapore but traveled recently to Thailand. She is American, 37 years old, brown hair, brown eyes, medium height and weight. semarton@aol.com

Granger, Paul
On holiday with his girlfriend in Phuket. cts@shanfari.com

Grau, Gunther
He was to be visiting Phuket. His nationality is German, but has been working in the United States.
Update: We have received a phone call from Gunther and he is ok. It turns out he was in Jakata. Our thoughts and prayers to everyone who is still missing loved ones.

Gravermann, Renate
From Germany, female, 69 years old. Stayed on Phi Phi Island. anjareick@aol.com

Grecian, Daniel and Lois Schunk
Trying to locate our son,Daniel Grecian and wife Lois Schunk. Age 49-50. Both like to hike. In Thailand during the holidays, staying with friends on the coast.
greek@1st-dialup.com or dragonsdn@sbcglobal.net

Greene, Katrina
My sister Katrina Greene often travels in Thailand. She is an American Citizen. We last heard from her before Christmas when she was in Australia was expected to go to Thailand. We are afraid that she may be one of the tsunami victims. She is a white female, 46 years of age. 5'2" with blondish brown hair and weighs approx 120lbs. Her nicknames are Trina and Cat. Her seven brothers and sisters are anxiously awaiting any news from her.

Greenhagen, Christopher
Christopher Greenhagen sent me an e-mail on 24 Dec from Thailand. We have not heard from him since. He was honorable discharged from the US Navy in early December. Is his name on a list of missing Americans?

Griveaud, Philippe
We are looking for Philippe Griveaud, French nationality, 41 years old, who is missing. We have found his family, but no trace of Philippe. l.bosmans@ankerpoort.com

Grubbs, Samuel J.
I have a wonderful friend named Samuel J. Grubbs. He has recently married a foreign exchange student in the U.S. and is now living in Thailand. They'd just found out that they are going to be parents. They live in Nakon Pathom. Please help me find them. I just want to know that they are safe. His wife's nickname is Pum. He has a family in NC, I remember his sister's name is Gloria and one of the brothers' name is Jon.

Gruel, Didier
I'm looking for Didier Gruel. He is French. He is a hotel manager on a small island off Phuket, about 15 min by boat, called Koh Lone. Does anyone know what happened to Koh Lone or Bann Mai resort? quatrefoil@optonline.net

Guam, Lal
Lal Guam please contact me. thereshopenjc@yahoo.ca

Gugliemi family
Does anyone have information on Stelvio and Bubbles Guglielmi and their twins, Alexia and Vittorio? They live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam but have a vacation home on Phuket where they spend the holidays. Please, if anyone has any info, please email me. jeanne_kim@ml.com

Guidon, Stephane; Chloe; Matis; April

Gunatilaka family Anyone knowing the whereabouts of the Gunatilaka family, please let me know ... Winda or Wikrom. jmowery-ingle@fisdk12.net

Hada, Aga
I am looking for my friend Aga Hada, her husband Rio Hada and their nine-month-old baby. They were traveling in Thailand. Aga is Polish, small, short with blondish hair and green eyes. Her husband Rio is Japanese. ralhaddad@unog.ch

Hagemann, Fred
We are desperate to know the whereabouts of our friend Prof. Fred Hagemann from Johannesburg, South Africa, who went to Kenya and Thailand in early December. We haven't heard anything from him since the disaster.
Update: Good news!! We have located Prof. Fred Hagemann, who is alive in Thailand. Please remove him from the missing list on your Web site. Many thanks for this facility and I hope others have good news too.

Haldemann, Pauline and Walter
I'm looking for Pauline Haldemann. She is from Phuket and has a home there with her Swiss husband, Walter. They also live in Lucerne, Switzerland, and spend time between the two countries. Pauline is a freelance writer for a Thai magazine and Walter works or did work for Schindler Elevator. If you have any knowledge or contact please contact me. mcash@ntelos.net

Haley, Dale
Looking for Dale Haley, last thought to be in Bangkok but may be in Phuket. He has long brown hair, is balding on top, has brown eyes, a mustache, possibly a beard. Dresses in teeshirts and shorts. He wears glasses also.

Hall, Alain
I would be extremely grateful if you could locate my cousin Alain Hall, a deep-sea diving instructor in Phuket. Thailand. He was born in Switzerland and has lived in Thailand for several years.

Hamilton, Douglas Neel
Requesting any information about my nephew Douglas Neel Hamilton. He spends his winters in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sumatra, India. We do not know where he is. Any information would be greatly appreciated. carolehamilton@bellsouth.com

Hammond, Mike
Looking for information on the whereabouts of Michael "Mike" Hammond, a school teacher from Toronto, Canada. Age 45, 5'10", 1.7m, shaved head, wears glasses. sbutterworth@canada1sales.com

Hannon, Jinny and John Kock
Jinny Hannon and John Kock went to Phuket sometime after the 22nd of December. They went there from Michigan, and the last we heard was a Christmas card that they were going to be on the beach and enjoying the weather. chasgreen@aol.com

Hannon, Julian
Thailand resort, about 5'6", hazel or blue eyes, Irish descent. k447748@aol.com

Hansen, Emily Karin
Any information on Emily Karin Hansen, 27, from Canada, 5'4", tattoo on left chest, appreciated. dhughesehansen@uniserve.com

Hansen, Eric Christian
His name is Eric Christian Hansen. White, blue eyes, bold, tall, mid-thirties. American, from Avondale, Arizona. Please help me find him. I beg you. arleneislas@hotmail.com

Hansen, Rockney
I am looking for Rockney Hansen. He and his family left Thursday Dec 23 to Thailand. egee@sbcglobal.net

Harrison, Will
I am looking for my brother, Will Harrison (American), and his wife, Natcha (Thai). They live in northeastern Thailand but went on vacation in the islands. dbiorkman@netzero.com

Hastings, Daniel
Age 62. He traveled to Thailand on December 20, 2004. He was to wed his financee and bring his daughters to the United States, I believe somewhere around Bangkok. MKing8859@aol.com

Hatzold, Karin
Her name is Dr. Karin Hatzold and she was on vacation from Germany with her husband (also a doctor) when the tsunami struck. Please help us try to locate her. We have had no luck searching the web and have had no response from either her or other people who know her. peeversla@aol.com

Hatzialexiou Anna-Maija Espo
Looking for the above person, age 28, and her mother Raija Espo Anna-Maija, age 66, from Finland. They were staying at prize Lake resorts in Khao Lak. B_k_zweidorff@hotmail.com

Haynes, David Joey
Update: David Joey Haynes, his wife Motoko and daughter Risa have contacted us and they are safe. Thank you for posting my message.

Hayward, Mark
I'm looking for Mark Hayward. He lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. He was vacationing in Thailand for Christmas.
Update: Mark Hayward is now home safe and sound.

Heckendorn, Paul
I'm still missing my uncle Mr. Paul Heckendorn from Switzerland. He is 71 years old, 180 cm tall and about 90 kg. He's got a moustache and he is a diabetic and needs insulin every day. A nurse from the hospital in Phan-gna told us that he was there with the wrong name (Hechen Dorn) and he was discharged by the Air Force on Dec. 28 to Bangkok, but in Bangkok we can't find him. If you know something about him please contact us.
doris.ospici@sourcag.ch or ospici@intergga.ch

Hedges, Patrick Keith
Patrick Keith Hedges, 6', 42, short blond hair, blue eyes, approximately 180 pounds, American. azpurple@frontiernet.net

Heissenberger, Peter; and Suri, Attila, Csaba and Edith
We are looking for our four friends and relatives from Austria. Last time we heard from them was Dec. 25. They were on vacation in Khao in the Pascha Resort Hotel, also called Dalaraman. Peter Heissenberger (45), born 27.02.1959, from Austria, Vienna; Attila Suri (38), born 02.09.1963, from Austria, Vienna (has a Hungarian passport); Csaba Suri (33), born 23.01.1973, from Austria, Vienna (has a Hungarian passport); Edith Suri (62), born 29.09.42, Austrian, Vienna (has a Hungarian passport).

Hengelhaupt, Adrian and Letty
Adrian Hengelhaupt and wife Letty sent me a postcard from Phuket just before the disaster struck. They are from Switzerland. RedBraunJon@aol.com

Hernandez, Onelia; Rio; Rioberto; Onlia
Traveling with her brother Rio Hernandez and her parents Rioberto Hernandez and Onelia Lima.

Herselman, Melanie
Melanie Herselman, 28 years old from Welkom, South Africa working in Thailand for +3 years. Please confirm that you are OK. danelle@toppro.co.za

Hess, Arnie
Age 37, from Almira, New York, U.S.A,is on holiday in Thailand. jessicaconcon@yahoo.com

Hignett, Sean
Sean Hignett, his new wife of one week and his father Satch/Winston Hignett were on one of the islands on honeymoon. Both are from South Africa. We have not heard from them and we are very worried. Please let us know whatever you can.

Hill, Sylvia and Kevin
Many of their friends are concerned about the whereabouts of Sylvia and Kevin Hill, who are US citizens living in Shanghai. They flew to Bangkok on Dec. 23 and were going to spend a few days somewhere in Thailand before boarding a cruise ship for an unknown destination. Sylvia is 5"5' with blonde hair. Kevin is about 5"11', about 200, with light brown hair. Knowing that they are safe would be a relief.

Hinson, Jake and Robert, Jordan
Jake Hinson and Jordan Robert were on a honeymoon Thailand. Both Jake and Jordan were married only 2 weeks ago. Please we need them back. We miss you! DeMiNe0@digitaltoxicity.net

Hitchings, Andrew
I'm trying to find my good friend. His name is Andrew Hitchings and he is 36 from London UK. Any info please contact me. dougpackman@gmail.com

Hoang, Thon Xuan
Thong Xuan Hoang was know to be staying in a bungalow (KN.43 Haad Rin West) on Koh Pha Ngan Island from Dec 18 until Jan 18. He is a Vietnamese-French citizen, 66 years old. Please call relatives. jthon2@msn.com

Hofman, Ilse; Stary, Martin
I am searching for my cousin and partner from Weissenberg, Germany, who are both staying at Khao Lak Beach, in Thailand. rayd63@hotmail.com

Hoffstatter, Henry
I am looking for my good friend Henry Hoffstatter. ETGKE@HOTMAIL.COM

Hollengk, Malinee and Thomas
Malinee and Thomas Hollengk have a bungalow near the Phuket Laguna Beach hotel. We want to know whether they are safe. There is no answer at the phone number we have. rima_rainer@hotmail.com

Hollenstein, Urs and Simone
I am requesting information regarding the whereabouts of Urs and Simone Hollenstein (father and daughter) who were vacationing in Thailand and are originally from Switzerland. Both have very dark brown hair. Urs has a goatee. mariak1961@yahoo.com

Hosaen, Mohmed A.
I miss my friend Mohmed A. Hosaen. He is an Iraqi, 1.80m, 30 years old, has lived for a few years in Thailand and had just gone to Phuket to work as a hairdresser at a beauty shop. Has anybody met him?

Howard, Jackie and John
I am looking for any information for the whereabouts of Jackie and John Howard. They are a married couple from Vancouver, BC, Canada, and were visiting Jackie's parents who live in Thailand. We do not know where they were, but hope that somebody will see them. jackjohn@robmcconachie.com

Howe, Doug
I am looking for any information on my friend Doug Howe. He is in his early fifties, slightly heavy set, with long graying hair usually pulled back, about 6' tall. My sister last recieved an email from him dated the 23 of December saying only that he was in Thailand. He is there to teach english. shadowwar_13@yahoo.com

Hoyle, Jonathan; Lisa Shawley
Jonathan Hoyle and Lisa Shawley were traveling through Thailand over the Christmas break. We're not sure exactly where they were on the 26th, and we have not heard from them. Jonathan is about 6 feet tall, thin, mostly bald, with light blue eyes. Lisa is about 5'4", extremely petite, with brown eyes and very curly medium brown hair. Any news would be welcome. Thank you. homewrecker@AUSTIN.RR.COM

Hsu, James
We are still looking for our brother and friend James Hsu - he was inside Bungalow 52 at the PP Charlie Resort on Phi Phi Island when the tidal wave hit. James is American and is ethnically Chinese/Taiwanese. He was last seen wearing navy blue swim trunks and a white or grey t-shirt. Please email his sister Peggy Hsu if you have any useful information.

Hubbard, John W.
I am sending this e-mail for a desperate mother who has not heard from her son, John W. Hubbard, and his new wife, (Ning) Darcini Chuenchai, since Christmas Day from Bangkok. Darcini (Ning's) family, Raven and Kuan Chuenchai in Udon Thani, were not heard from either. John and Darcini just got married in Thailand and were planning on returning to the U.S. after getting (Ning) Darcini her passport and necessary paperwork concerning their marriage. They were planning to go to the embassy for the paperwork. John's e-mail is jhsilent@col.com his concerned mother's e-mail is mh38@mymailstation.com. John's mother, Mary, only has a mail station address terminal and no computer to check the Internet. There has also been a crisis here at his mother's, and she is experiencing conflict from both this and not knowing about her son and new daughter-in-law. If you know of their whereabouts, please us know. It would be greatly appreciated. They are all in our prayers!
Update: I am safe and can be removed from this list. All the best, John.

Hudson, Gene
I am concerned about my good friend Gene Hudson who was visiting Thailand on holiday. Gene lives in Berkeley, California, although he still speaks with an English accent. Anyone who has any information about Gene is kindly asked to drop an email to akemark@yahoo.com

Huffey, Adam
I am concerned about my son Adam Huffey who lives in Bangkok, Thailand. If anyone has any information about him, please contact me.

Huggins, Tara; Erin Wilson
Tara Huggins and Erin Wilson traveled to Thailand December 8 for a monthlong holiday. They reside in Victoria, British Columbia. Any information appreciated. Update: I am not connected to the people below, but I have seen the two people (Tara Huggins and Erin Wilson) on the Web site for hospital list in Thailand. You can see them both on the Web site for the Thammasat Rangsit hospital in Phuket listed as SAVED (http://www.phuketitcity.com)! Thought I would pass this along to help you guys with all the concerns.

Hughes, James A.
Anxiously awaiting any information regarding James A. Hughes, III, of Vicksburg, MS. James is a 47-year-old American male of Lebanese decent. He is approximately 5'8", 150 lbs., has longish, wavy, dark brown hair and blue eyes. He was last heard from in Thailand around Dec. 23. He had recently left Oman and was applying for English teaching positions in Thailand.

Hughes, John and Lyn
Does anyone have information on John and Lyn Hughes. We received a greeting from them on Dec. 8 from London saying that they were going to Phuket, Thailand for the Christmas holidays. They live in England and have a son ,Jake, in London and a daughter, Justine, in Borneo.

Hunt, Kathy and Noel
I looking for my friends Kathy and Noel Hunt. Noel is about 73 and Kathy 64. They live in Stoke on Trent and should have returned from Thailand by now. I have been unable to contact them at home. janetidy@tiscali.co.uk

Hurt, Thomas and family
Looking for good friend, Thomas Hunt and family, Thai wife Salita and sons Trevor and Raymond. Tom lives in Thailand, but works in Indonesia. Just want to know they are OK. Thank you for this Web site. kentron1278@aol.com

Iamrahong, Pherea (Pela) His name is Pherea Iamrahong (Pela). I wonder if you made it, you've always been strong and able to pull through anything. I'm not sure exactly where you where at, but I thought you said you worked in Phuket. I hope you made it, kid. eddierugs114@aol.com

Ibrahim, Njoya
His name is Njoya Ibrahim, a tourist. He's my friend. He's not been calling me for one week.

Ingram, Julie
We work with Julie Ingram from Omaha, Nebraska, who was vacationing in Thailand with her son and daughter, Darren and Katharine, and want to know if they are OK. melissa@radiks.net
Update: Good news! We received word that Julie Ingram and her family are fine.

Jakobson, Egon and Heda
Looking for Egon Jakobson, who went to Phuket Island with his wife, Heda, on a diving holiday. He is about 60 years old. winifreid@web.de

Jamar, J.C. and Marie
Looking for J.C. Jamar and Marie Jamar, staying at Club Med, Phuket. mcmullen@singnet.com.sg

James, Stewart
Age 54 of Westwood Mass., USA, traveling with Maura Buckly in Phuket area. 5'10" black hair brown eyes. Last heard from on Christmas day. Contact rsherry2@verizon.net

Janthawang, Supat
I am looking for a good friend of mine, Supat Janthawang (known as "Pex"). The last I heard he was working on Koh Chang, at Tom Tun Restaurant on Whitesand Beach. Before that, he was working in Phuket. I have not heard from him. fazers@netzero.net

Jasminn, Krista
I am looking for Krista Jasminn. She went to Bangkok just before Christmas. We have not heard from her and are unable to contact her. She traveled with two other girls. Krista is French Canadian but travelled from England. s.vye@virgin.net

Jaw, Kanphirom Sae
Looking for my friend, Thai girl working at Krabi -- Rayavadee Hotel, tall, about 30. delta@deltacom.it

Jenson, Jonathan
We're looking desperately for my 22-year-old nephew Jonathan Jenson. He was teaching on the coast of Thailand, and the last we had heard, he was considering moving into Bangkok. We have no idea where he is now. myoffice@zeuter.com

Johnson, Bruce
I'm looking for a friend his name is Bruce K Johnson lives in Seattle. Went to Thailand with girlfriend from Cambodia for Christmas. Any information will be passed on to relatives who are very worried as I am as well. Please any information will be appreciated. My prayers are with you all who've been affected by this.
Update: A wonderful update I just received an e-mail from my missing friend. Their both just fine, thank God. My heart and prayers are with all of you still looking for loved ones. Thank you all for your help!

Johnson, Nik
Would like to hear from my cousin, Nik Johnson. Last known to be in Bangkok, Thailand. jeanettejan3@aol.com

Johnson, Van
I am writing to find away to find out if my friend is ok, he is an exchange student and his name is Van Johnson. If you could help me that would be great, please e-mail me at punkkitten_3@msn.com

Jones, Klara
Klara Jones, uni break in Thailand when tsunami hit.

Jones, Scott
Scott Jones recently of South Carolina was living in Chaing Mai Thailand and has not confirmed his safety to his friends since 12/23/04. crowecs@johnsonscreens.com

Joowong, Kornkana
Kornkana Joowong has been finishing up her master's at Portland State University, but often returns to visit her family in Bangkok for holidays and they vacation in Phuket. Would like to know that she and her family are okay. 22atherton@comcast.net

Julius, Donald Leo
He was on his boat, Le Boss in a Thai harbour. He also has a friend and shipmate called Joe Johnson. They are both from southern California. ladybug2000@att.net

Junker, Ursula
Ursula Junker, my aunt, was living in Takuapa Phang Nga in southern Thailand. She is 69, a Swiss citizen and nurse. andrew.bohm@tufts.edu

Junpoom (Juntapoom), Somai and Samart
I lost contact with my family years ago but fear that two of my brothers were injured or killed by the Tsunami. They work in the tourist areas of Phuket. Somai (Sumai) Junpoom and Samart Junpoom. Could also check for last name Juntapoom. The spellings translated to English may vary, but that should be very close. Any help would be very appreciated.

Juntree, Karatnoot
Her name is Karatnoot Juntree. She lives in Bangkok but her family often vacations in Phuket. She also goes by Jimlim Juntree. Jimlim is a nickname. No one has heard from her since right before Christmas and we were hoping and praying that she and her family are safe. Any information would be great. cheercoach28@bellsouth.net

Jurasek, Harold
I am looking for my German cousin. His name is Harold Jurasek and he is 35 years old. He was in Nam Kaem and staying at the Aussie Bungalows. He was there with 3 other people, 2 females and one male friend. tina.marler@kennecott.com

Kaminski family
We are seeking information about our friends Marek, Grace and Maria Kaminski. They were holidaying in Thailand over Christmas.
Update: They are home and safe.

Kaelli, Khanita
Would like to know where Khanita Kaelli was at the time. She lived between the Seychelles and Thailand. dadam@mweb.co.za

Kahle, Georg
I am based in the UK and my friends, Sue and Will who live in France have asked me to search for their friend, who is German and who was somewhere in Thailand. His forename is GEORG (maybe spelt with an "E" on the end) and his surname is KAHLE. Georg, please contact Sue and Will. tenzinmonmouth@aol.com

Kahn, Joann
Looking my friend Joann Kahn -- 29 year old Korean-American woman, slender, about 5'3". Last heard from her on December 23th. She was planning to spend Christmas on Railay Beach, in Krabi province. I'm extremely worried about her! Please contact me if you have any news. iwlau@yahoo.com

Kalgrem, Don and Anna Mari
They were on holidays in Phuket. ptl@newmail.ru

Kao, James and wife Jaeb
James is a Taiwanese U.S. citizen and wife is Thai. Both living in Thailand. Received email just before Christmas, I have tried to contact since tsunami to no avail. Please let us know you are okay.

Kauffman, Bernard
We're looking for Bernard Kauffman, in his late 60s from Prince Rupert, B.C. Canada. Any information please e-mail.
Update: Bernard Kauffman of Prince Rupert, B.C. Canada, has been found safe. Thank you to all that helped us find him.

Kamdar, Jatin; Rick Young
I am looking for my brother, Jatin Kamdar, and Rick Young. pankaj119@hotmail.com

Kanai, Surani; Katsu and daughter Mio
Looking for information on friends Surani, Katsu, and daughter Mio Kanai. May have been in northern Thailand but would like to hear of their safety. ddague@hotmail.com

Kane, Jeff
Hoping that an old friend, Jeff Kane, who settled a couple of years ago on a small island near Phuket is OK. Does anyone know? vyans@aol.com

Kasayapanand, Sonita
Stands 5'6, black straight hair. Her parents own Phuket Ocean Resort on Karen Beach. roma131@hotmail.com

Kastleiner, Beate and Winifried
We are missing Beate and Winfried Kastleiner from Germany. Guests from the Sofitel Magic Lagoon Resort Khao Lak. ana-maria.pineda@freudenberg.de

Kelly, Mike
Mike Kelly is a friend of mine. He used to live in Tacoma, Washington. He sold everything and moved to Thailand back in 98 or 99. He is about 45-47, 5 feet 6 inches, short blond hair, usually mustached. Last I heard he lived not far from the beach. jimshelley@iname.com

Kempner, Tom and Joy
Tom and Joy Kempner on vacation in Phuket from Tucson, AZ, USA. Tom is American 48 yrs, Joy is Philippine 23 yrs.
Update: Tom and Joy Kempner are home safe. Their travels kept them in the Philippines and did not go to Phuket. Thank you for maintaining this helpful website.

Kenyon, Dave
Searching for Dave Kenyon, of Perth Australia. He is British with an Australian passport, last seen in Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand on Dec 26th. He is White male, 37 years, old, 5"11, brownish/blond hair, blue eyes, hairy chest, large gold chain. His first hotel was completely destroyed, but I found out that he only stayed in that one on Dec 24. He was staying at Phuket Orchid Hotel on Dec 26th. luvaspider@msn.com
Update: Thank you for everyone's concern. My friend Dave was found and made it home to Australia this morning. He is in severe shock with lots of cuts and gashes but he is alive. Thank you.

Kerdmongkol, Patcharaporn
Patcharaporn Kerdmongkol -- She is a teacher in Nursing dept. I have tried calling but no such luck. deliciab@yahoo.com

Kevorkian, Armine
Looking for my cousin, Armine Kevorkian, who was in Thailand with her boyfriend, Richard. We last heard from her on December 24. She was in Phuket. She is in her 50s, has dark hair and is about 5-foot-6. Please relay any information you may have about her. LucyBauman@comcast.net

Kidd, Gavin and Swienberger, Helmut
I am searching for Helmut Swienberger and Gavin Kidd who were know to be in Phuket Gavin owned a cycle livery and Helmut a restaurant/bar on the beach. karenlegsharrison@hotmail.com

Kim, Kay J.
Kay J. Kim (71 years old). She called me a few days ago and said she was heading to Thailand. I have tried to call her since the tsunami but have had no luck. gyoungy@kornet.net

Kimie, Dan and family
Looking for Dan Kimie and Rita DiSalvo, and daughter Sara. Dan was teaching in Thai gov. school in So. Thailand. Couple in late 40's, Sara is 5 years old. They are Americans from Somerville, MA. No response to e-mail to date. Any information appreciated. barryzaz@earthlink.net

Kinney, Lisa
Lisa Kinney c.asch@adelphia.net

Kjellander, Anna
Age four. Last seen on Phi Phi when the wave hit. She has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes, Speaks only Swedish, She was wearing a pink and white striped sundress with ribbons on the shoulders, yellow bikini underwear, and pink ECCO sandals. Her mother was told that a little girl with brown hair and fair skin was being carried by a local person yelling: "MAMA, MAMA." There is a picture of her at this site: pvskyltide.se/anna.jpg If you have any information please e-mail. petra.v@telia.com

Klaus, Fischhaber and family
Looking for Fischhaber Klaus and family from Dachau, Germany. There were last known at Khao Lak. diesimmerer@aol.com

Kleinsmid, Rinus
Rinus Kleinsmid is still missing. He is last seen on the beach in Khao Lak with my mother-in-law. Thank God she survived! Male, white, age 58. Tall, birthmarks/moles on left side face, right underarm, underneath ribs on right side and another thick one on belly. marjanmantjes@hotmail.com

Knill, John and Jackie
last seen at Khao Lak Andaman resort. Use this link for photos of them: http://www.phoenixwebstyle.com/jackieandjohnknill.html. greendragonart@hotmail.com

Kobin, Keith
I am looking for my friend Keith Kobin who was leaving Dec. 11th for Thailand. I haven't heard anything from him since the Tsunami. Any information would be helpful. meganinoz@hotmail.com

Kornicki, Christopher
My dad, Christopher Kornicki was holidaying in Thailand I am not sure which part. I have not heard from him. He is an Australian citizen, blonde hair, 5'8, aged 57. sylviakornicki@hotmail.com

Koskova, Petra
Petra Koskova, 30 years old, German citizen on vacation in Thailand. Boyfriend's name is Marcus.

Kosol, Derrick
I am looking for my buddy, Derrick Kosol, who went to Thailand for vacation during Christmas break. He is Thai and 22 years old with a light build. I haven't been able to contact by phone and email. We start school this Saturday and I's love to see him there. Specifics of locations in Thailand are unavailable. Thank you. sikomaniac11@hotmail.com

Kouras, John and Paul
I'm looking for my two friends, brothers John and Paul Kouras. We grew up together in Roselle, NJ. cseadog@yahoo.com

Kozimor, Ted
I am looking for my brother Ted Kozimor. He is 6'2", brown hair, blue eyes, 56 years old. He is traveling alone in Thailand or may have gone elsewhere in Asia. Please I am very worried.
Update: The State Department called with great news, my brother, Ted Kozimor, sent an e-mail to a friend and he is OK. We are all very thankful.

Knight, Elizabeth
We are enquiring as to the whereabouts of Elizabeth Knight aged mid 70s, and her son Ian, both from the UK and her two granddaughters Erin and 'Littlun'. She is a good friend of my mother's who like many of us cannot rest with this disaster and who send our deepest sympathies to those who have and are suffering. We applaud those who are helping with the rescue. kay.broughton@zen.co.uk

Kobin, Keith
I am looking for my friend Keith Kobin. meganinoz@hotmail.com

Koh Jum
I have been trying to get any information that I can about the island of Koh Jum, Thailand. It is a smaller island about 15 to 20 miles east of Koh Phi Phi. Dahc675@yahoo.com

Korson, Cathy and Daniel
Vacationing in Thailand when the tsunami hit.
davidgefen@hotmail.com and hollyshantara@earthlink.net

Kouras, Paul
I am looking for my friend/co-worker, Paul Kouras who had traveled to Thailand for vacation. We are all very worried, so if you have any information on him please inform me. I know you must be busy working on this for everyone, thank you! ifarihai@aol.com

Krabi region
The following e-mail address has been sat up to try and identify missing persons in the Krabi region. E-mail name, nationality, age, distinguishing features, height, weight, next of kin and color of eyes and hair. missingpersonskrabiprovince@gmail.com

Kranker, Julie & Pete
They were on their own boat in Phuket, Thailand.

Krawczyk, John and Robert
Update regarding John and Robert Krawczyk, they may have been living in Pattaya, not Phuket. They still seem to be missing. fredgmitter@hotmail.com

Korson, Cathy and Daniel
American citizens Cathy and her son, Daniel Korson, from Fairfax, U.S.A., are missing in Thailand. davidgefen@hotmail.com

Krämer, Gertrud Mrs.
From Germany, lost in Khao Lak (Hotel Khao Lak Sunset Resort). melanie.klein@de.pwc.com

Krawczyk, John and Bobby
Looking for identical twin brothers John (Junior) and Robert (Bobby) Krawczyk, staying in Phuket, I believe. They are in their early 60s, though both look much younger and are in good physical condition.
Update: Krawczyk brothers, John and Robert are alive and well, far removed from tsunami disaster.

Kumar, Nirmalya
Professor Nirmalya Kumar (Marketing Professor from London Business School) and his wife, Gunnel Berggren and their daughter Miya were travelling to India (Calcutta) and then onto Phuket, Thailand. They left London England on December 10. debbinghaus@hotmail.com

Kumwandee family
This is their sister Buaphong. Please help locate them dskasko@hotmail.com

Kunishi, Rie
Looking for Rie Kunishi, Japanese national. Might have been working for a diving school in either Phuket or on Phi Phi Island. blimp80@hotmail.com

Lackups family
We are looking for the Lackups Family. An American embassy family stationed in Taipei, Taiwan. They were supposed to be vacationing on the beach somewhere in Thailand this week and I have not heard from then since before the disaster. mlkeese@hotmail.com

Lade, Doug
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lade of Valley Phone Wire, in Thailand for Christmas, visiting their son there.

Laligne, Cam and Clem
Cam et Clem, nous attendons de vos nouvelles. Contactez nous. Papa et Maman.
Update: Found safe and well. They had moved from Malaysia to Thailand just after the tsunami. This news took one week to get.. so maybe others are still safe and just have not been in contact yet. Don't give up hope yet.

Lamp, Bobby and Matthew
My son was in Thailand (most likely in Phuket) a week and a half ago. We have not heard from him. He may be traveling with his brother as well. Robert (Bobby) Lamp and Matthew Michael Lamp. Both U.S. citizens but living in Germany. michael_lamp@sbcglobal.net

Laplante, Patrick
My friends and I are looking for Patrick. He was last known to be in Phuket region of Thailand. He's American. If anyone knows anything please email or call. Thanks. jimbecofske@yahoo.com

Laquidara, Adriana Marcello; Piedro Guiseppe; Giordania Romana
Adriana Marcello Laquidara (59), Piedro Guiseppe Laquidara (39) Giordania Romana Laquidara (38). All traveling together on Italian passports. All living in Australia. Last seen at Kata Beach(?), Phuket.

Larkin, Elizabeth
Looking for information about Elizabeth Larkin. If anyone has info please contact...her colleagues are concerned about her. iola_cook@hotmail.com

Lawless, Rodney and family
Family from Dublin Ireland. They were believed to be on Phuket Island at the time of the tsunami. wendybird123@yahoo.com

Lazore, Alec and Dawn Hammer
Lazore, Alec, 40, US citizen. Hammer, Dawn, 27, US citizen. Both are vacationing in Thailand. Please email if you have info. vanessa.k.peeden@us.army.mil

Leaberry, Robert and Mary Carol
On Vacation with a tour group. annholtz@mchsi.com

Leach, Kerry
I'm looking for a dive instructor named Kerry Leach. She was working on Kata Beach in Phuket. rmorna@hotmail.com

Lebar, Antonia
I am looking for the sister of a friend. Her name is Antonia Lebar (maiden name), Austrian, who was supposed to return home on Dec. 26. She is about 5'8" and has blonde or red hair (may be dyed another color) and dark eyes (brown?). I have not heard from her or her family yet, so any information would be helpful.
Update: I have received news that she arrived home safely. Thank you.

Ledingham, Justin and Seda
I am looking for Justin Ledingham and his finacee Seda. They stayed on Phi Phi Island. Nataschinka@hotmail.com

Lee, Bettina and Andy
Bettina and Andy Lee, and 2 children, Bettina may have Danish or Dual (US) citizenship, children have dual. sallycollier@aol.com

Lee, Eileen
I'm looking for my friend Eileen Lee, 24 (approx 5'5", slim build, black hair, Chinese). She was holidaying on the island of Ko Phi Phi with her boyfriend Dominic Stephenson. They were staying at Charlies beach resort. nicolaalonzi@hotmail.com

Lee, Hsin-Yu
Lee, Hsin-Yu (wife) & her husband with their two daughters - aged 3 and 7 months old; originally from Taiwan visiting some family and were around the Khao Lak - haven't heard from them. Please contact me with information. donnasu@gmail.com

Leger, Tim
Tim is 5 years old, 110 cm, 20 kg, green/blue eyes and blond hair. He was playing with his friends at the Bhandari Resort in Khao Lak, all his friends survived. He was wearing turquoise/blue swimming trunks with sharks printed on it. I am his mom looking for him desperately. Legerland@web.de

Lekander, Rolf
Rolf Lekander with his wife and 2 daughters, Khao Lak.

Leung, Jane
Looking for any information about my son's girlfriend and her family. Jane Leung 18 years old travelling to Thailand for Christmas. Not sure if they were on the coast, at a hotel, or with family. My son had been communicating regularly by email but has heard nothing since Christmas. SBREAU@SHAW.CA
Update: my note looking for Jane Leung age 18 from Port Coquitlam, B.C. Just hours after posting my e-mail we have finally heard from Jane and her family. They are fine and alive! I pray that everyone else looking for a friend or loved one will get the same good news.

Leungprasert, Suwapitch (Khwan)
Suwapitch Leungprasert (nickname Khwan), our host daughter, from Phuket. She lived with us one year. We have not been able to contact her or her family, all from Phuket. She is 18 and currently attending Silpakorn University. We have written to them, but know things are slow. Just want to know she is okay. pbonyun@gwi.net

Leverve, Estelle
Estelle Leverve, French, 28.

Levett, John and Mary
Seeking information on John and Mary Levett (both British, in their early 60s, from Dorset) who were staying in Khao Lak, Thailand. sberkshire@lycos.com

Levine, Paula
Paula Levine -- 70's. I am looking for any information about Paula, my friend from Virgina. She was visiting Thailand for the holidays. jenpaullee@aol.com

Lewko, Richard; Bemben, Evelyn
Richard Lewko and his mother Evelyn Bemben of Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada were heading for Phuket, Thailand on December 25 for Christmas holiday. aranasca@yahoo.com

Lewis family
Patricia and Duane Lewis, and their three children, Andrea, 6, Lorenzo, 8, and Jean Pierre, 16, from Berkeley, California.
Update: I am very happy to report that Patricia Lewis and her family are all safe and sound. Thank you.

Leymarie, Valerie and Mordo, David
I am looking for my friend Valerie Leymarie (French/1967) and her boyfriend David Mordo (British). They were both on a three-week trip to Thailand, Indonesia and Japan. If anyone knows their whereabouts we would appreciate your help.

Liebowitz family
Nicola, Berman and Avadya from South Africa, believed to have been on Phi Phi island. neelso@tiscali.co.za

Liggett, Randy
Looking for my son RANDY S. Liggett age 52 5'5 weighs 142 lb. has light brown/blondish hair wears in a pony tail, has some front teeth missing. He arrived on Phuket Island on Dec. 6th He was at the Inter Hospital on Dec.21st. He is an American citizens. mliggett@naples.net

Lidia, Dumitru
Looking for DUMITRU LIDIA, a Canadian who lives in Toronto. Left for Thailand Dec 19. valcau2000@yahoo.ca

Liefeld, Ted
I'm looking for any information as to the whereabouts of my friend Ted (John) Liefeld, 37, and his wife ,Carolyn, and son and daughter, who were vacationing in Thailand. mmreich@hotmail.com

Limsakoune, Nilavanh
We are looking for our co-worker, Nilavanh Limsakoune. She has been in Thailand visiting her family and friends. We are worried and would like to know how Nilavanh is doing and hope she is ok. If someone could please contact us for details. Thank you. reception@sabreonline.com

Limstrom, Lawrence (Larry)

Lisovski, Venci
Venci Lisovski from Macedonia, Gevgelija, 43 years old, last seen in Bangkok 08/12/2004. He didn't call back after tsunami tragedy. Please call back if you find anything about him.

Lloyd, Gorason; Lloyd, Grant and Lu Ann
Vacationing in Thailand from 12-18-04 to 12-28-04.

Lloyd, Mike Laurence
I want to know about Mike Laurence Lloyd, he was on vacation in Thailand. If you know something about him, please write me back.

Logan, Wayne
We are looking for Wayne Logan last known whereabouts in Phuket area we think. He is 5 foot 5 about 160 black curly hair. He has a tattoo on his arm that says "wayne." He is a Canadian Citizen. Any info plz email me. jasonbc_7@hotmail.com

Lorenzson, Lennart
Lennart Lorenzson from Sweden is my grandfather who was working as a sports reporter from Gotherburg Sweden. He was staying in the "Welcome Jomtien Beach Hotel" in Chonburi Thailand. If anybody knows anything please let me know. clairkparker@hotmail.com

Lovas, Zacary
I'm looking for my friends Zacary Lovas, alias Zac (American), his Indonesian wife, Jason Lovas alias Jay (American) and their Nepalese friend Narendra Babu alias Babu. They used to travel to Thailand and Indonesia very often. Any information about them will be highly appreciated.
shri01@india.com or shri_s01@yahoo.com

Lowe, Amanda
Amanda Lowe, British, late 20s, approx 5'8", medium build, auburn hair -- bobbed, brown eyes. Amanda was staying at the Princess Resort in Krabi with her boyfriend Andy. Andy is safe in Bangkok and undergoing surgery on his leg but still no sign of Amanda. They were together in their hotel room when the wave hit. Please respond with any news or sightings you may have of Amanda.

Luffman, Bradley Kent
He is 40 years old, American Citizen from Kansas City. He has long blond hair and blue eyes. He was staying on a boat with friends in Phuket, Thailand. Bradley sent me his last email from Phuket on december 21st. I haven't heard from him since.
Update: Bradley Kent Luffman has been reported safe. He contacted his family to confirm he is ok.

Luppi, Francie
Francie Luppi went to Thailand 12/20/04. Her son Conner lives in Thailand year round. maryninn@aol.com

Lynch, Stan
I am looking for any information in regards to my friend Stan Lynch in Thailand. He is an American. Any information would be most appreciated.
Update: My friend Stan Lynch has been located alive and well.

Mackay, David
I am looking for a close friend of mine. His name is David Mackay and is a Canadian national who has been living on the coast in Phuket, Thailand. We have attempted to e-mail him without success. neil.moores@ccra-adrc.gc.ca

Marchal family
French family staying at Sofitel hotel in Khao Lak on 12/26/04. Regis is 44, grey hair, w/wedding ring (3 mixed rings in three gold colors), last seen in Adidas bathing trunks w/geometric design. Sylvie is 48, short chestnut hair, watch with black band (or watch with red stones) on left wrist, and gold/large diamond wedding ring, she was last seen in a bathing suit. Thea is 11, long brown hair, wearing necklace with small grey pearls and silver pendant that is either an elephant or a rabbit. All may have been heading for a tailor shop. Son Lucas has been found and is safe. Family is anxious for word. lebruinkat@aol.com

Mac-Rae, Karen
I'm looking for a friend -- last whereabouts were Thailand -- by the name of Karen Mac-Rae and if she is missing or ok, please email me back. zig_zag_3@msn.com

Maroo, Sonalle
Received an email on the 21st Dec. from Sonalle "Sunny" Maroo that she'd "go down south" from Bangkok to be on the beach. I think she went to Karabi. Sunny is British and of Indian origin. I have emailed her since, but no response. Please contact me.
Update: I have now heard from Sonalle "Sunny" Maroo and she is well and alive. She was on the east side of Thailand and is unaffected to the extent where she didn't know how big the catastrophe has been. The news travels slower down there.

Maas, Aili
My friend and co-worker, Aili Maas only left before Thanksgiving to go to Thailand. We are all worried about her very much.

Mayes, Jackie
I am looking for my good English Friend Jackie Mayes. She was to be spending Christmas and the New Year on the Beach in Thailand. This is according to her holiday letter stating that she and her companion were to go on a trip to Vietnam, start in Hanoi and down to Sagion, and then to Thailand for holiday. She is from The Quantocks, Thatcham Berkshire, England. Any information would be much appreciated. kjazz2001@aol.com

McCoy, David
We are seeking information on my husband's brother, David McCoy, last known to be living in the Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai area of Thailand. He is a retired 55-year-old American. He is about six feet tall with grey hair and can speak the language fluently. Thanks for any information.
Update: My husband's family has been contacted by his brother in Thailand and he is in a safe place. Thank you for all of your support.

McGivern, Robert and Eliza
My cousin Robert McGivern and his wife, Eliza, flew to Thailand on Christmas Eve. We have not heard from them since. Please contact me if you know of anything. littleboobsnic@yahoo.com

McGuiness family
My two cousins Kayte and Angela McGuiness and their grown-up children Michelle, Kate, Jamie and Sarah, their husbands and Jamie's fiance flew to Thailand for Jamie's wedding. They must have arrived Christmas Day or Boxing Day.
Update: This is in reference to Angela McGuiness and her family in Thailand. They are all alive and well.

McGuinness, Brian; Arthur Edwards, Steve Plunkett
All three arrived Phuket December 25 and have not contacted home since. All are approximately 50 years of age. Please help to find them. mark.churchill@us.abb.com

McGuigan, Doris
We are very concerned about our friends Doris and Gordon McGuigan from Northwood, Middlesex, London spending 7 months in Thailand. Last heard of 21st December Tengsai Bay, Ko Samsi staying in beach bungalow. Liztatefamily@aol.com

McLean family
Seeking information on my brother, Bryan, wife, Betty, daughter, Isabella, son, Callum McLean. Vacation for holidays in Thailand with Hahn family. Have not had contact since departure from U.S. December 17.
Update: The McLean family was found. They are all safe and sound. Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns.

McNight, Gordon
Also called "Sandman."

Madsatun, Piyanoot
Piyanoot Madsatun ("Eyud"). Address: 168 M.6, tambon Kura, Kuraburi district, Phang Nga province, 82150, Thailand.

Mahakijpaisal, Sira
I am trying to find out information about an exchange student we hosted in 1998, and his family from Bangkok. His name is Sira Mahakijpaisal. His father is Kosal, and his mother's name is Busom. He has an older brother named Gida, and a younger brother named Asani. I would like any information available to us. His last known address to me was 8 soi Charoennakhon 55 road, Bangkok, Thailand. pattimajoradams@charter.net

Mahe, Tammy Tran
I am looking for my friend Tammy Tran Mahe and her 1-week-old baby, who were living in Phuket, Thailand, right next to the Hotel Sofitel. Can anyone give me some information about her? wagfrance@aol.com

Mains, Jeff
My dad's name is Jeff Mains. He is 53 years old, 5'10" and 165 lbs. with blue eyes and brown hair. He was last in Pattaya, Thailand but travels throughout Thailand. He is retired Navy and a merchant marine. lfredsbo@sbcglobal.net

Markhorst, Ame
Baby girl, 9 months old. Blond hair, 2 small teeth. Her name is Ame Markhorst. usiaaliyah81@hotmail.com

Marriot, Gavin
My boyfriend, Gavin Marriot, was on holiday in Thailand. I haven't slept for a whole week as I have tried to email, phone and send text messages with no answer. He is Scottish. I would appreciate any details about my loving darling. I really love him and have cried the whole week with no one to help me.

Marshall, Bob
Family looking for Bob Marshall. Age 47. Birthday Dec 24/1957. Height 6 foot. Weight 250 lbs. Multiple tattoos including a picture of an Asian peasant sitting down, drawn in only black ink, tattooed on the back of his calf. Last known to be in the Phuket area. He is a scuba dive instructor. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Update: Found alive (he was under water scuba diving). Thank you so much for your wonderful caring service.

Marshall, Nancy
I am looking for information about my aunt, Nancy Marshall... she was to leave for Bangkok on the 22nd of December, where she would spend Christmas, and that she would be in either Thailand or Cambodia for New Year's. de_lisha@hotmail.com

Martin, Greg
I am looking for my friend, Greg Martin. He is about 5'6", 135 lbs, black hair and brown eyes. I believe he was visiting Phuket, Thailand at the time of the tsunami. Last contact from him was Dec. 23, 2004. He is an American citizen.

Martin, Kevin
I am looking for my friend Kevin Martin. wesposito@massmutual.com

Martin, Michael
My brother Michael Martin, age 63yrs. Short brown hair, wears aviator style glasses, 5'6", 150lbs. Thai girlfriend, nickname "Mam," owns taxi service in Bangkok. Should have heard something by now. kittymc5324@aol.com

Martin, Robin
My Dad works in Thailand and I don't know if he was there when the tragedy happened. My brother and I are worried because we haven't heard from him yet. His name is Robin Martin. He has light brown hair, his eyes are light blue and he's fat but not too fat. He's about 5'0" (I'm not sure). Please e-mail me if you have anything. soomin26_3192@yahoo.com

Maroo, Sonalle
I'm looking for my mate, Sonalle "Sunny" Maroo. She was last seen island hopping in the Krabi Province. Sunny, please let us know that you're okay.

Marzonie, Chris and Sharon
Hello, I have two dear friends who are visiting Thailand and I would make sure they are alive and safe. They are Chris and Sharon Marzonie. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what part of the country they were planning on being in. If you could please let me know if you know anything about them, I would greatly appreciate it. wolfsoul@thebeckoning.com and sdavis@fcps.edB

Masay, Bao
I am looking for a very good friend. He is Thai, his name is Bao Masay. He is a Boatman (long tail boat) in the Phi Phi Islands at Phi Phi Lanah Beach Club and Phi Phi Island Village. Bao's height is 5ft 7in weight 165lbs and he has gold eyes.

Massin, Eve and Sivade, Carl
We are looking out for our friends Eve Massin and Carl Sivade (French citizens, living in Munich, Germany) and are requesting information. They travelled to Phi Phi Island on Dec. 25 and probably rented a bungalow on Tonsai Bay. Since then we don't have any further news. Please, if anybody has seen them, could you let us know. Our hearts go out to you all.
olivier.cavalin@t-online.de or armin@vigier.de

Mastoon, Zachary
I am looking for my friend, Zachary Mastoon. Last I heard he was in Thailand. He is originally from Evanston, Illinois, but was living in New York City. Please send me any information that you might know about his whereabouts. jgeifman@aol.com

Mathis, Johnnie Ray
Help me locate my friend Johnnie Ray Mathis who retired to Thailand three years ago. Johnnie was a helicopter pilot in Saudi Arabia and is an American citizen. He is about 63 years old.

Matti, Pulkkinen; Kantor family; Silventoinen, family
Please e-mail if you have any news of these families, last seen or heard from on Khao Lak on Christmas Day. They are Finnish. Their names are: Matti Pulkkinen, 41; Vera Kantor, 7; Mirjam Kantor 5; Samuel Kantor, 3; and their mother, Tiina Marila-Kantor, 39; Marko Silventoinen; Perttu Silventoinen 7; Iida Silventoinen, 5,; Leo Silventoinen, 2. boban.alempijevic@gmail.com

Mercer, Craig
I am desperately looking for my dear friend Craig Mercer (from South Africa). clarerockingham_gill@hotmail.com

Mette, Angela
My dear friend Angela Mette went on holiday with friends in Thailand (friends: Katie (Australia), Andrew and Jo (UK)). I am desperately waiting to find out if she is safe. Height about 160 cm, blonde, American citizen (lives in London). Please help if you can.

Miller, Hugh
One of my employees, Hugh Miller, age 41 from Austin TX was vacationing in Thailand for the holidays. He is not technically over due until the 7th when he is set to fly home. His mother passed away last year with no other living relatives and now IBM is his only family so to speak. Knowing Hugh, he is probably helping others of there. We just want to know he is OK.

Mills, Shelly-Jo
A co-worker of mine went to Thailand for Christmas. Her name is Shelly-Jo Mills. I'm not sure if she was travelling alone or with her kids. She is probably in her late thirties or early forties and blonde. She was due to come back to work on Monday, January 3rd as a school bus driver, but no one has heard from her. If anyone has seen or heard anything, please let me know.
Update: I wrote you an email about shelley-jo mills. please remove it from your list. she has been located, and in the meantime, i've started receiving emails from all over the world trying to scam me out of money, because my email address is published.

Mischol, Marguerite
Marguerite Mischol was last seen in Ko Phi Phi on a boat. She's 47 and has black hair. Her husband, Ludvic Mischol, is still searching for her. Please help us if you know something about her, and contact us! livi301@hotmail.com

Moesman, Donnie; Hofland, Melissa
We are looking for two people last seen on Koh Phi Phi. A male, Donnie Moesman, 2m tall and a female, Melissa Hofland, 1.6m. The male has dark brown hair and the female has long dark hair. lapacollo@casema.nl or s_steenhoven@hotmail.com

Mondron, Michael
Looking for friend Michael (Mike) Mondron. In Thailand, believed to be in Phuket area. Possibly working in a bar/export business. White, 48 years old, blond hair, stocky build. Any information appreciated. mgorms@aol.com

Montes, Aurelio; Francisca Cooper
My friends Aurelio Montes and Francisca Cooper from Chile were on their honeymoon in Phi Phi island on Princess resort. Aurelio is OK, but his wife, Francisca Cooper, has not been found yet. Please let me know any information you may have. crlavin@collahuasi.cl

Monyo, Rosa and Emily Sandoz
Looking for my cousin Rosa Monyo who was vacationing in Thailand. She wrote a few days before Christmas. Also looking for my friend Emily Sandoz who was traveling in Thailand with a friend of hers -- Tom. She e-mailed on Christmas morning. Anyone with information, please feel free to email me. jhnnie@hotmail.com

Morden, Cameron Andrew
I'm looking for a friend and colleague by the name of Cameron Andrew Morden. He was vacationing in Thailand for the holidays. He goes by the name Andrew and works for the Whirlpool Jetboats in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada. He is mid-20s, tall, blond and wears glasses. Any information is appreciated. Thank you. roseatthegeorge@yahoo.ca

Morell, Lynn and Nick
Lynn Morell and her husband Nick Morell were in Thailand getting married and visiting family in Bangkok. We believe they were honeymooning somewhere in the area still when the wave hit. We've tried reaching them by email and cell - no response. Lynn's Thai name is Sangaroon Yangchana. Nick is a U.S. citizen. Lynn has been living in the U.S. for years but has visited her family in Thailand several times. I have no contact info for her family - she has many friends here in the U.S. that want to know if she's OK. They own a house in Diamond Bar, California, have a dog....we're very worried. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or can help find her. Thank you! kris.hancock@primedia.com

Morgan, Melissa
Melissa Morgan -- American, early twenties, petite, 5'6", brown hair, traveling with diplomat parents, going through Thailand, not sure when. william101010@hotmail.com

Moro, Kerstin and Marco
I am seeking word on a Swiss couple who were vacationing in Thailand. Kerstin and Marco Moro left their home in Zurich, Switzerland, for vacation in Thailand on December 23 or 24. I do not know where they were going in Thailand. If anyone has word of them, please contact me. Thanks. lse0555@charter.net

Moser, Marcel
Has anyone seen Marcel Moser, last seen walking with his wife on the beach at Khao Lak? He is approx 185cm, has grey white curly hair and is of Swiss decent. Please contact us. We are desperate to hear from him. Perhaps he is walking around looking for his wife who survived and is also looking for him.

Moulton, David and Nuch
Looking for David Moulton and his wife, Nuch. Unsure of last known location but was around Phuket. David is 5'10", gray hair, Maine accent. Anyone knowing of his whereabouts, please send e-mail. dgard54@netzero.com

Mowry, John
John Mowry, he is about 48yrs old 5"8 155, he is a teacher at RI, US community college. hoathanhnguyen@msn.com

Mullan, Catherine; Len Barrett
Looking for Catherine Mullan and Len Barrett,from England. They were in Takuapa. Their children were found; they are missing. cmsloper@hotmail.com

Munshi, Jamal
My husband and I are looking for our friend Jamal Munshi. We believe that he has a home in Phuket, Thailand, where he resides at least several months of the year. dawndupirak@kp.org

Murad, Celeste
She was in Thailand with her parents. tiffanim@sbcglobal.net

Murawski family
I am looking for Polish citizens Marika (14), Mikolaj (7) and their father Dariusz Murawski (41). Their mother Agata Murawska is in hospital in Bangkok. She is not able to looking for her family. All of them ware spending holidays on Phuket in hotel Sofitel. maciejec2000@yahoo.com

Naithani, Poonam
I am searching for my friend who went for Holidays I guess to Phuket on 20th December 2003 Her Name is Mrs. Poonam Naithani She is 5 ft , fair in color & have nearly golden hair. If you get any information regarding her please forward it to my email ID. kpsthakur@yahoo.com

Narula, Premchit
Have not had any new from my friend who lives in Bangkok and was on vacation to northern part of Thailand. She has not replied to my email either. Her name is Premchit Narula.

Nauss, Heinz-Dieter
We are missing the German guy Heinz-Dieter Nauss (written Nauß) located at the Garden Beach Resort (Beach Happy Lagoon) at Khao Lak/Thailand. Many thanks in advance for every information. mg-projecte@gmx.de

Neaga, Ramona
I am looking for a friend, her name is Ramona Neaga, she was a dance instructor and last time I talked to her she told me she was in Thailand.

Nelms, Carl Thomas (Kallahan, Carl)
Looking for brother who was living in Thailand. name is Carl Thomas Nelms aka as Carl Kallahan. Red hair with a lot of grey, 5'10, between 170-180 lbs. The word love is tattooed on his hand with one letter on each finger. He has a beard and moustache. Any info would be appreciated.

Nelson, Andre and Smith, Alan
Andre Nelson and Alan Smith left for Addis Sabbaba on Dec. 24, flying from there to Phuket.

Nelson, Mike and family
Mike and Sue Nelson, and their children, Greg, Patricia, and Jen. mctm101@adelphia.net

Nelson, Peter
I'm looking for Peter Nelson who was to have been in Southern Thailand. Peter is 59, has red hair, is 5'10" tall and weighs 190.

Nemenio, Ellen
I am looking for Ellen Nemenio 28 years old. She is Fillipino descent and traveling as an American. She went to Thailand for vacation until Jan 8th. dsugden@ocair.com

Newman family
Looking for Mr & Mrs Newman and three children, Harry, Jack and Daisy who traveled out for a family holiday.

Nicholson, Eric
He has a tall and thin build, blond hair and blue eyes. He has been working north in Sumatra near Medan (in the jungles with orangutans) but was on vacation south of the Equator, around Lake Maninjau. We are desperate and anxious to hear news of this area's condition and subsequently Eric's condition. kathaleennicholson@yahoo.ca

Niehuss, John; Li, Ernest
They were visiting Thailand at the time the tsunami hit. Ariana2858@aol.com

Niemann family
We are looking for our friends the German Niemann family, living in South Korea. They were staying at the Sofitel resort at Khao Lak. We were supposed to meet up with them on Phuket this week, at our hotel. Mr Ulrich Niemann, German, is 2 meters tall, 100kg, 45yrs, red hair and blue eyes. Ms Joyce Niemann-Liu is 40 yrs old, Taiwanese, 55kg, black haier and has brown eyes. Mr Leander Niemann is their 30-month-old boy, 100 cm tall, 20kg with brown eyes and black hair. If you have heard anything from them, please contact us directly in Singapore. robert@e-mik.com

Niland family
Our family is worried sick about our friends who went to Bangkok, Thailand on vacation to visit their family. Their names are Joseph, June (parents) and their kids are Jessica (4 years), Justin (7), and Junior (10) and their niece Oyi (approx 22 years), and their last name is Niland. They live here in Riverside, Ca but frequently visit Thailand. The Nilands are located approximately in Bangkok. Please notify me if you have any info. We would like to know if they are safe. luvmyalikat@aol.com

Nilsavang, Olivier
My nephew Olivier Nilsavang and Cinderella Bui is lost somewhere Phuket or KHAO LAK. He was last seen in the Bamboo Orchid Resort. narisc@dslextreme.com

Nilsson, Annette
We are very worried, and looking for any information about our friend Annette. She was in Thailand when the tsunami hit. We have not heard from her since. She is Swedish, in her late 30s and around 6 foot tall, she was traveling with her husband Peter and 2 children: Hanna (10 years old) and Alfred (7 years old). Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! siegel2001@aol.com

Nishioka, Yuji
I am looking for my friend Yuji Nishioka and wife who was headed toward Phi Phi Island. sno0zer@speedpost.net

Nokdhes, Chuntri (Charles)
We are looking for Chuntri (Charles) Nokdhes and his family. He was traveling to Thailand for his daughter's (Maelynn) wedding ceremony. We are concerned co-workers. He was to arrive back in the U.S. on Jan. 3.

Oakley, Carl
From Harrow, Middlesex, England. l.gaskell@ntlworld.com

Ohlsson family
Nils, Mirra, Kevin Ohlsson from Sweden.

Oller, Billy and family
We are desperate for information about our friend Billy Oller and his family. They travel to Thailand each Christmas for holiday. He is believed to be with his 2 girls Sofi (age 11) and Gennivive (age 14), and his wife, Samatha. Billy is about 40. He has two tattoos, one on each arm: a Union Jack Flag and a Confederate Flag. aebden1@msn.com

Olson, Sage
My friend Sage Olson was visiting family in Bangkok with his mom and dad. I dont know if they are ok. Please email if you know about them. ryanvanwie@aol.com

Ong, Chong Soo and Geok Leng
I'm desperately looking for my cousin brother Chong Soo ONG, & his father Geok Leng ONG who staying years in Phuket, Thailand for business. Last contact was before Christmas. lyy7728@hotmail.com

Opravil, Oldrich
Oldrich "Olda" Opravil of Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Age 65+. Traveling with group. Last contact 12/18 from Thailand. Former Post Doc Fellow at Univ. of Michigan. fgjones@umich.edu

Orr, Wendy
Robert and wife Wendy Orr, were on a holiday trip in Thailand. They're from Sacramento, California. They're in their late 60s. They normal stay in hut when they travel to Thailand. roxeysurfer1310@aol.com

Ortiz, Stephen J.
I am looking for my brother, Stephen J. Ortiz. I believe he was in Phuket at the time of the disaster. He was scheduled to return to California today but I have not had any word from him for over two weeks. aortiz@phi.org

Outmayer, Rene
He is traveling through Thailand. Has anybody seen him? Contact: hansstraver@planet.nl

Overdam, Brigit
My sister, Brigit Froling-van Overdam, has been missing from Phi Phi (Princess Resort) since Sunday. eoverdam@kabelfoon.nl

Padi, Tolga Sevel
Tolga Sevel Padi, diving instructor, working in and around Koh Lanta. Roys1966@msn.com

I am trying to locate my e-mail pal, Mr. Palynx. He is from California, in his late 30s, 5'7", short blondish/brown hair and an engineer. He is on vacation. He was traveling to Singapore, to Phuket Island and then back to Singapore. If anyone has seen him, let him know his e-mail pal's concerned. mdloulou2@yahoo.com.

Panaino, Louis and Bevan
Desperately seeking Louis and Bevan Panaino. Last seen on Phi Phi Islands at the Princess Resort. Please if you have any information contact us. rkinloch@mweb.co.za

Patani, Khilan
My son, Khilan Patani studying in Melbourne, Australia told me he was going to Thailand on Dec. 29. I don't know if he went earlier or what -- have not heard from him since Dec. 24 when he sent me his e-mail telling me of his trip and he is not answering his mobile. renuka.patani@undp.org

Paul, Allan R.
Looking for Allan R. Paul. His address was Box 165, Patong Beach, Phuket 83150. I had no phone number or e-mail address for him. bobka6hjv@aol.com

Pavan, Matteo
We are looking for Matteo Pavan an Italian (from Venice) who lives in London. He is 37 years old and he was staying in a bungalow at Home Parklong Seaside in Phi Phi Island. maxmar@tiscali.co.uk

Pawson, Matthew and Lyn
From Holland. The last time we have known about them they are staying in Phuket. Matt has been working in Phuket. lucyr56@yahoo.com

Page, John and Su
Looking for information on John & Su Page. They are from Sterling VA. John is American & Su is a native Thai. manclarks@msn.com

Pardede, Ferdinand and Erna
Ferdinand & Erna Pardede from Everett, Washington, USA. Left from US approximately December 20, 2004. Not heard by phone or by e-mail yet. toflymusic@msn.com

Part, Timothy and Pauline
From Bath, England, they were spending the Christmas holidays in Thailand on the coast with their two young sons. rposorske@cs.com

Patterson, Larry
Late 40s, 5''7",caucasian with light brown/reddish hair and goatee. Last known whereabouts: Phuket, checking on a beach house under construction.
Update: Larry Patterson is safely back in the U.S.

Pavan, Matteo
I'm looking for my friend Matteo Pavan from London England, 37 years old, who was vacationing in the Phi Phi Islands. Matteo is originally from Venice, Italy and works for Lehman Bank in London.

Pecarich, Patterson
Patterson Pecarich, from Taos, New Mexico, age 50. Please any information of having seen him would be greatly appreciated. Usually at Christmas in Phuket or near Karon Beach or Ruam Thep Inn. His little girl and family are waiting for info. barbtaos@yahoo.com

Pechmann, Beate
I am searching for Beate Pechmann. We were supposed to meet in Phuket for Christmas and I was not able to make it. She was still heading there. She is a German national who was coming from London for a vacation. She's about 5'8", slender, with blond hair, blue eyes. I haven't been able to get in touch with her since the tsunamis. If anyone knows her or has any information, please e-mail. nathan_hines@hotmail.com

Peignault, Pascal and Megumi
Both are from Kyoto and were in Phuket, Thailand. colette_morin@hotmail.com

Penz, Gerald
We are searching our dear friend, Dr. Gerald Penz, from 6800 Feldkirch, Austria. Born on May 12, 1955. He was on holiday with his girlfriend, Mrs. Monika Feusi (from Switzerland), who has been found in Bangkok Hospital. They stayed in Khao Lak at the Hotel "Palm Andaman Beach." He was on his way with FTI tours. At the time the waves hit the beach, they had been on the beach and were separated there. Height 173 cm, very light and due to his dark skin not very easily taken for a European. oskar.dittmann@vitavol.com

Perisamy, Banumathi
Banumathi Perisamy was visiting Thailand on Dec. 26, 2004, and I have not heard from her. I sent an email and but have not had a reply. Can you tell me if she is safe?

Peters, Kelly
Our friends Kelly Peters (early 20s, Temple University college student) and her mom are visiting Thailand where her mom spent some time years ago. Anyone with news, please let us know. david@ferleger.com

Pfeiffer, Peter
About 60 years old, retired and living in Phuket. Canadian citizen. Please forward any information at all. kbassfor@yorku.ca

Phan, Emily
I'm looking for my Thai girlfriend, Emily Phan, 24, 5'4". I'm frantically surfing to find information. Please email me. thomasgetty888@yahoo.com

Phinney, Laurie and Lloyd
I am looking for my friends in Thailand. The Phinneys Laurie and Lloyd. Lloyd is in the military and Laurie is mom to three children. They have been stationed there for two years. thanks. ari19@pacbell.net

Phosook, Sithinan
I am looking for Sithinan Phosook. He is about 10 years old. He was my sponsored child through World Vision. I do not know where he would have been during the tsunami.

Phrakonkham, Johnny
Last heard from on December 23 in Bangkok. 22 years old, male, family nationality Laotian, Canadian. His family was vacationing in Thailand to visit family. They have not been heard of since. His father's name is Som Phrakonkam. Would like to hear if they are still alive. evanmafan@hotmail.com

Pickering, Nathan
I am desperately looking for Nathan Pickering (22) and his girlfriend Jo (28). Nathan is an Australian national, Jo is English. Both arrived in Thailand on Christmas Day, and I have been unable to contact them since. Nathan can be identified by tattoos on his left arm of a hibiscus flower. He has sandy blonde hair and is about 5'7" with a decent build. Jo is about 5'5" and has blonde hair, both are attractive and outgoing people. Any information good or bad is appreciated. THEVRAG@hotmail.com

Pickering, Roger and Saitong

Pierce, Ryan
A colleague of mine recently moved to Thailand. His name is Ryan Pierce and is 34 years of age. All the news we have here is that there are five Canadians listed as deceased, but no names. If you are able to find out any info on Ryan it would be greatly appreciated.

Pink, Cheryl
Looking for Cheryl Pink, 50, of British nationality, blond hair, blue eyes, 5'6", 120 pounds, resident of Buckinghamshire, England. Last known whereabouts on holiday with her boyfriend, Gordan (also a UK national), at a resort in Thailand. Cara_Khan@Dell.com

Piwtong, Nancy
Visiting Thailand for the holidays with her son and family.
Update: Nancy Piwtong has been found safe. Thank you for your help.

Polikashin, Alexander
Born 1959, arrived in Bangkok on 24 December. quelleamie@yahoo.ca

Polo, John
Lives in Thailand and I am desperately trying to find if he is okay or is missing hotmammasita82@aol.com

Pomeroy, Tom
He and a friend, John, were together in Phuket. Tom is 6'3" with short dark hair, green eyes, about 170 lbs. He's a teacher in Atlanta, trying to find out his whereabouts before facing students on Tuesday. jspenn@hotmail.com

Poolsin, Kittikorn
Looking for Mr. Kittikorn Poolsin, chief engineer for The Le Meridien hotel in Phuket. exclusive@pd.jaring.my

Poonatong, Supachai
He stays on Phi Phi Island. phoolan820@yahoo.co.jp

Potts family
Looking for information on Richard and Susan Potts, vacationing with children Lucy and William. mbwalton2000@yahoo.com

Price, Bethan
An English citizen living in Australia. She was either on Phuket or Phi Phi. She is travelling with a friend called Rachel also English. Beth has a tattoo of a frangipani on her lower torso. jenniferdowd@hotmail.com

Price, Frank
Frank Price was to be married in Thailand on January 1, 2005. He was believed to be in Thailand when the tsunami hit. His bride to be is named Songsiri. Frank is from Colorado and is in his mid 50's. bahama-mama@earthlink.net

Prudhomme, Jean-Paul
Age around 55, from Montreal, Québec, Canada, is on holiday in Thailand. He called his friend Laurier on December 23 from Bangkok to inform him that he was on his way to the coast (Phuket I think). No news since this phone call. yves_ducharme@videotron.ca

Puckett, Johnny
Blonde hair and blue eyes, him and his girlfriend were going Island hopping. toolmanlt@hotmail.com

Punchept, Winnichatta
My husband and I are very concern about a young child named Winnichatta Punchept. We are sponsoring her through the Christian Foundation. She is living with her two brothers and grandmother. They live in Bankoc, Thailand. I believe it is 100 miles north of where tsunami hit. We are really hoping and praying the horrifying disaster did not affect her or her family.

Purtscher, Evelyn and Gregor
Purtscher, Evelyn and Gregor are on holiday in Thailand and we have no contact with them.

Puttawan, Sak
We are desperately looking for some news from our Thai friend, Sak Puttawan, and his family. They are living on Phi Phi Island. Sak is a diver, underwater photographer, working on the island. Send us news if you know anything. chrismu@smile.ch

Queiros, Paola
Looking to find out about Paola Queiros, she is from Mozambique, her husband is a Swiss national. She is five months pregnant. Last time we spoke she was going to Phuket for Christmas and New Year. I have called her home and mobile phone numbers but no one answers. halima@loxinfo.co.th

Raadahl, Sunniva
Sunniva Raadahl (3) adopted from South Korea, Norwegian citizen. Was lost from her parents at the beach in Khao Lak. She is wearing a small red/rose swimming-trunk with laces up to the waist. The swimming-trunk was from "Hennes&Mauritz." She is 99 cm tall. bil@autosentralen.com

Raagas, Erwin
I am still looking for my friend, Erwin Raagas, a Filipino-Swiss national who was in Phuket when the tsunami hit that area. I have read in some papers that he was one of the survivors and was confined in one hospital in Phuket. I have tried looking in hospital listings in Phuket but didn't see his name and didn't get any information about him. I'm very worried about my friend. Any information about him would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. verr@home.se

Rabin family
Ariel, Shira, Orley and Daniel who were supposed to be on the island of Phi Phi. darebear2@hotmail.com

Rackow, Manfred
Looking for friend Manfred Rackow, a dive boat captain in Phuket, Thailand. Please notify us if anyone knows of him and his survival or not. shawnchris@msn.com

Rai, Gillian
I am trying to locate a Mr. Gillian Rai. He is a tailor with a shop in Patong Beach, Thailand. smartprotege@msn.com

Rakelsdotter, Sonja
Sonja Rakelsdotter was taking a divers certificate on the Similan Islands, Thailand. No-one has yet heard from her despite several e-mails and text messages. beatrice@levitate-design.com

Raksajit, Rewat Ao Nang, Krabi.
Please get in touch. racheljmarshall@hotmail.com

Ramsey, Rebecka
I'm searching for information about a dear friend of mine called Rebecka Ramsey. She's Australian, from around Melbourne. I can't find this type of information anywhere else. I'm truly worried! salome_carvalho@hotmail.com

Rassmussen, Hans
I'm looking for Hans Bent Rassmussen. He's Canadian with a Danish background. 5'6" tall, approx. 145lb, light brown hair. Last known to be working as a diving instructor, somewhere in Thailand. scdavies@rogers.com

Ravenna, Ineke
Desperately looking for my very good friend Ineke Ravenna. She was going to see her sons Giulio and Marco with his family on some island in Thailand for Christmas.
Update: My friend Ineke Ravenna just contacted me a few hours after I had announced her missing. I am so happy she is safe.

Rea, Sandra
Sandra Rea, teacher, Colorado. soccerchick10114@yahoo.com

Ready, Ron
Looking for Ron Ready, recently moved to the Phuket area from Maui. niksangels@aol.com

Reber, Horst and Tanida
I am trying to find out about my Thai friend, Tanida, and her German husband, Horst Reber, who live somewhere on the coast of Thailand. Any information would be appreciated. ghataway@houston.rr.com

Redfern, Chad
Chad Redfern, mid 30s, sandy blond hair, 5'7", brown eyes. Chad is in Thailand to purchase income property and vacation. Flew into Bangkok, but was going to visit other places as well. lindadw1948@hotmail.com

Reid, Emily; Washburn, David; Hoppock, David
We are looking for Emily Reid (USA, female, 24), David Washburn (USA, male, 24) and David Hoppock (Canadian, male,25), English teachers on the JET Program in Japan. Vacationing in Thailand and Southeast Asia over Xmas holidays. type_two@hotmail.com

Reimer family
I am looking for 5 family members! Raymond, Betty, Melony, Casey & Matthew Reimer! They are from California! Please if you have any information contact me! wildchild213181@yahoo.com

Reinhardt, Samara
She is originally from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada. She has been living in Thailand since April of 2004 teaching English. datwood1@ns.sympatico.ca

Rex, Ernets and family

Rexinger, Werner
I'm trying to locate an American person by the name of Werner Rexinger. He is living in Phuket, Thailand. He has dark hair and is about 5'7" tall, and is approx 63 to 65 years of age. Can anyone tell me his whereabouts? alvon2@juno.com

Reynolds, John and Dawn
John and Dawn Reynolds christa.luckenbach@mbia.com

Reynolds, Mark
My friend Mark Reynolds went to Thailand in October. He was supposed to go to Phuket and on to Bangkok. He is 5'11", shaved head and he has a tattoo of a coyote on his upper left chest. I know he has a girlfriend from Phuket. Her first name is Ali. If anyone sees him could you tell him to contact his family or friends please. baddog462003@yahoo.com

Rhodes, Jacqui
Looking to hear from Jacqui and her husband, Russell, from Melbourne, Australia, believed to be in Phuket. markmartyn@hotmail.com

Riemer, Alma
Alma Riemer, Doc, and Sade from Franklin, PA. If you have any information about this family, please contact me. jbazemore@wna.org

Rigg, Rory
Rory Rigg, his girlfried Dong and thier baby Sophie. Living in Thailand. Dong is Thai. fenella47@hotmail.com

Riley, Glenn Conway
My father lives somewhere in Thailand and I haven't heard from him for a long time, I need to know if he is still alive. His name is Glenn Conway Riley and he was born in Sydney, Australia on 19 April, 1949. He is 55 years old, 6'2 tall, blue eyes, brown hair.

Rimmer, Chris

Rinne, Sea
Her name is Sea Rinne and she is 17 years old and lives in Helsinki, Finland. She was at the Blue Village Pakarang Khaolak in Thailand with her mom and brother. The mom is also missing. Please find Sea Rinne! Bozan1337@hotmail.com

Rita, Brian and Jung-in, Wantana
Need help locating Brian Rita from Hawaii, on honeymoon to bride from Bangkok. Her name is Wantana Jung-in.
Update: We are writing back to say that our brother Brian has called and he is safe and well in Bangkok.

Rits, Eric
I am not a "worrying" type of person, certainly not concerning my brother -- Eric Rits, born 28-10-1960, 1.78 m, blue eyes, well trained body (he's a para in the Belgian army). He is a man to say "no news is good news" but this time I am getting worried! He flew KLM Amsterdam to Thailand November 23 (I believe) and is due to come back December 30) or the day after. He travels with a friend of his (Kurt -- more or less the same age) and I believe they should be around Phuket (they sometimes go to Co Samui or Phi Phi Islands). This time he is really making me worried so I hope that he is ok and hopefully he is trying to call me or just let me know something. Thanks for "looking out" for him!
Update: I wish you all (despite what is happening) a happy and hopeful New Year! My brother -- Eric Rits -- is home and OK! Thanks a lot for all the efforts!

Ritzinger, Gunther & family

Rivera, Adonis Romualdez
Adonis Romualdez Rivera was last seen at their office near Phuket. His officemate told me thru text that he reported for work last December 25, 2004. No word from him til this day. Any information leading to him would be a great help. Thank you. kelly_roora@yahoo.com

Robertson, James (Jim)
I am looking for my father last contact with him was on 12/12/04. I have been trying to call him with no luck. His name is James (Jim) Robertson. He is thin built. With a scar across his stomach from an operation. If anyone has seen him please contact worried family.
Update: My father has made contact and is ok.

Robertson, Ryan
Ryan Robertson is my friend. He is missing. He is from Vancouver, he's 5'6" and is 33 years old. He has blond hair and is about 165 lbs. Please let me know if you have seen him.
Update: Ryan Robertson from Vancouver is fine and is coming home! Thank you.

Robitaille, Pablo and Tania Marleau
Both early 30s. Last known area to visit: Koh Chang. Teachers from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, working in South Korea on visit to Thailand for the holidays. Tania is of Korean origin, but both are French Canadian. Any news would be appreciated by all their friends. Thank you. coulombecc@hotmail.com

Roda, Peter J.
We are looking for Peter J. Roda; Last time we have heard of him, he was in Thailand but we are not sure in which region he was staying. He is Canadian and speaks English. We are looking for to hearing from him as he is the father of my son. france_bourassa@hotmail.com

Rodin family
Swedish father Christian and his two children Hedda (6) and Frida (3) are listed as missing. Any information would be greatly appreciated. LALady50@aol.com or kgeecombs@earthlink.net

Rodrigues, Leonel
Portuguese male, 55 years old staying at the Meridian in Khao Lac, Phang Nga, Phuket. He was swept out by the first wave that hit the Meridian, his wife is safe and is now waiting for inf. he was last seen trying to grab on to a tree, and was wearing Blue Bermuda Shorts. lrm@macau.ctm.net or filro26@hotmail.com

Rodriguez, Tammy
Need to hear from or about Tammy Rodriguez who spent xmas weekend in Krabbe. karen@rhhnet.com

Rogers, Steve
Looking for a friend of mine, Steve Rogers, who went to Thailand during Christmas vacation. No one has heard from him and many of his friends are worried about him. frankscats@verizon.net

Rook, Chazz
American aged 55, living in Phuket Thailand with his son ALOM aged 12. beatitude_past_utterance@yahoo.com

Roseberry, Steve, Mia and Sara
I have friends that went to Thailand for Christmas. Their names are Steve and Mia Roseberry. They also had their daughter with them -- Sara Roseberry. I have heard nothing of their safety. gradgirlof79@aol.com

Rosenthal, Josh
Looking for Josh Rosenthal, an American citizen (31) working as an English teacher in Thailand.

Rouleau, Jerry
Still no word from my brother Jerry Rouleau (aka. OSAGE) who lives on the island of Phuket in Thailand with his Thai wife [Fon] and little girl Zoe. He teaches English & studies Buddhism and Kabbalah. Please, any information would be greatly appreciated. christie.rouleau@nhpeas.ang.af.mil

Roy family
We are looking for the Roy family -- Elizabeth Roy, nee Aisworth, (from Vancouver, Canada) and her three grown sons, Charles (from Freidburg, Germany) Nicholas and his wife Katherine (from Philadelphia, U.S.) and Phillip (from Toronto, Canada). All were at the Princess Resort on Phi Phi Island. They could be holding British or Canadian passports. Any information regarding them or the state of the resort and/or number of survivors would be greatly appreciated.

Rozenfeld, Margarita
I'm looking for Margarita Rozenfeld who was vacationing in Thailand for the holidays. Is there anyway to confirm her safety or whereabouts? Thanks so much for this resource. pk_brannon@hotmail.com

Ruedi, Markus
Information on safety of friend Markus Ruedi, 50+ yrs (August birthday), Swiss, blue eyes, dark hair; sailing from Australia to Thailand and then on to England. Planned lengthy stay in Thailand. Please e-mail if you know anything. mschnittger@wustl.edu.

Ruiz, Dan and Rene
Our co-worker Dan Ruiz and his wife Renee were vacationing in Thailand and we have been unable to reach them. bartman1969@comcast.net

Rupp, Gary
Seeking whereabouts of my cousin, Gary Rupp, last known to be in Thailand (possibly in school administration). Born in USA, parents Alvin and Ruth, approx. 57 years old. sgt.tritel.net

Russel, Angus and Sue
If there is any information on the whereabouts of Angus (Gus) and Sue Russel, please let us know. Sue works in local school in Phuket. They have two children. dalbyclan@hotmail.com

Rutgers, Evelien
I am searching for my good friend Evelien Rutgers, from The Netherlands. She was supposed to be on vacation in Thailand, with a friend, when the Tsunami hit. I have not heard from her, but have tried to contact her.
Update: I have located my friend Evelien Rutgers. She was on the other side of Thailand when the tragedy hit. I hope everyone many of you are lucky enough to locate your loved ones!

Sablan, Anthony
Anthony and five friends vacationing in Thailand over Christmas/New Year's holiday from Seattle WA. He's 27 years old. amyzone@guamcell.net

Sabraliev, Assad and Emma Wolfson
Assad Sabraliev - Tajikistan Citizen; Emma Wolfson Sabralieva - British Citizen. Last heard they were off to Thailand for a honeymoon. They have not contacted home either in UK or Tajikistan.

Sachdev, Rohit
I am looking for any info on my friend Rohit Sachdev. He is 30 years old and his first language is English. His home is in Bangkok but was heading for vacation over the holidays throughout S. East Asia and I have not heard from him since. Any help in finding a site that has victims lists or some sort of info would be helpful in trying to find out if he is ok.

Sagie, Uzi and Shapira, Aya
My cousin Uzi Sagie and his girlfriend Aya Shapira are missing since the tsunami disaster. They stayed at the Ruen-Thai rest house at Khao-lak.

Saha family
We are looking for the Saha family: Vijay, Sunita and their two kids. They were last heard from on Christmas Day while in Phuket, Thailand where they were meeting other family members. diferd@hotmail.com

Sakornsinthu, Danai
I am looking for Danai Sakornsinthu, who lives in Thailand. mrcoca2000@yahoo.com

Salcido, Pedro
My father is a U.S. military retiree living in Thailand. He is 66 years old and of Mexican/American descent. Dark skin and hair, about 5'10". If you know or have seen him, please, please let me know. Thank you. gracie@redshift.com

Salvato, Ariana
Seeking info on friend, Ariana Salvato, traveling with mom, Toni. Both from New York. Traveling in Thailand. Not sure of exact location when tsunami hit.

Saligumba, Rene
I'm looking for my nephew. His name is Mr. Rene Saligumba, 31, Canadian citizen from Mississauga, Ontario, who went to Bangkok, Thailand, this December for a vacation. Since the disaster took place, we haven't heard anything from him. He never called and he [was] expected to return to Ontario [on] December 27 but ... is not here. We are very worried as to his whereabouts. If anybody knows him, please contact us.
Update: I want to inform everyone that Rene Saligumba arrived safely here in Toronto, Canada. So I would like to thank all of the concerned persons who are too caring, that he is back safely.... again thank you

Saffron, Annie
My daughter is looking for her 13-year-old friend, Annie Saffron, and her family. We believe they were vacationing in Phuket at the time of the tsunamis. Annie was there with her mother, Janet Saffron, and her father and three other siblings. descrs@netvigator.com

Samuel, Grant
Last we have heard our very good friend Grant Samuel (of Protection Island BC) was travelling to Thailand with intentions of staying six or more months. cstorie@telus.net

Sanden, Paulina
Searching for 9 year old girl, Paulina Sanden, our cousin from Bastad, Sweden. Last seen Khao Lak, Phang-nga area, the rest of her family is alive. Paulina was wearing a yellow shirt, green skirt, cross earrings with clear stones, and she has blond hair and blue eyes. Anders is in Thailand looking for her now. ridgeroadtoads@hotmail.com

Sanders, Melvin and Karen
Looking for news about Melvin & Karen Sanders, who were staying at the Meridian Hotel in Phuket. gotfried@telusplanet.net

Sanguansermsri, Hnnuwat
We are looking to get info on Hnnuwat Sanguansermsri and his family. He was our exchange student some years ago but we still keep in touch as we consider him our Thai son. His father is a doctor at the Yasothon Hospital in Yasothon. They frequently vacation and with the lack of contact, we fear they were somehow linked to the tragedy. I have phoned numerous times without luck. Any news would be appreciated. awkins@bellsouth.net

Sartnurak, Samart
Samart Sartnurak. He, his wife and son have a home in Bangkok but may have been in Phuket during the disaster. rj_hiatt@yahoo.com

Savetamal, Anan
Info on Anan Savetamal of Bangbor, Smutprakan.

Sawee, Chusak (nickname Taan)
Owns Taan Service in Phuket. any info on Taan and his wife & children would be appreciated. Thank you!

Schmitt, Nicole
My friend, Nicole Schmitt, suppose to fly into Thailand around December 25th from Arizona. She had plan to visit Phuket. I need to know she is ok, please contact me if anyone knows of her status.
Update: This is an update about my friend Nicole Schmitt from Arizona. Her sister kindly contacted me that Nicole is safe. Thank you.

Schon, Carolina and family
Last I knew they were going to Thailand for the holidays. I have no way to get in touch and I need to know if they are ok. If there is any information about them please email me. Thanx!

Schulein, Jim
We are desperatly searching for our brother, Jim Schulein, 28, 1.80 m, brown eyes and hair, from the Netherlands. He was staying at the Hotel Patong Villa at Phuket and we have not heard from him since the tsunami. Please contact us if you have any information about him!!
Update: Jim Schulein from the Netherlands is home again. He is fine. We thank you all very much for your help!

Sengel, Karen and Mark
Teachers in the American school in Pattaya. We know that they generally travel at Christmas. Friends here in Karen's home town would surely like to hear they are safe. Please e-mail me you two. dbs@rochester.rr.com

Sengna, Linda
I am looking for my close friend who lives and works in Phuket. Her name is Linda Sengna. If anyone knows Linda please let me know.

Shafia, Diana
She was with her friend Rob Gilmore and Junko. shahedghoreishi@yahoo.com

Shea, Simon
U.S. citizen, approximately 40 from Anchorage, Alaska. White male.

Shellhorn-Massey, Carol
Carol Shellhorn-Massey, American (beautiful, fit, red hair) last seen on a Thailand beach on vacation with her husband Tim Massey. He survived but Carol is still missing. Please help! kris@loewco.com

Shiu, Nicholas, Reggie, Grace, Mathew
Nicholas Shiu (14) and his family: father Reggie Shiu, mother Grace Shiu, and brother Matthew Shiu (11), were last heard of vacationing in Phuket, Thailand. nora.wu@cn.pwc.com and ender_wiggen@Hotmail.com

Schlosser, Michaela
Date of birth: July 6, 1968; Body height: approx. 175 cm; Body weight: approx. 58 kg; shoulder-length brown hair. Missing since Dec. 25 in Khao Lak. If anybody has news of her, please respond. Thanks.

Schneiders, Frédéric; Andrea; Kids
Living in Switzerland, the family spent X-mas holidays somewhere in Thailand. jrossat@hotmail.com

Schork, Hannelore
I am looking for my friend Hannelore Schork (64) from Germany. Found the name of her partner, Werner Marburger, on a list with injured people; however, can't get in touch with him. Anybody have news about Hannelore? ellora@indosat.net.id

Schroeder, Julia and Ly, David dominique.chenet@tiscali.nl

Schulz, Nicola
Missing Nicola Schulz, German, 32, brown hair, blue eyes, 1.70, 60 kg. We are desperate; she was last seen in Khao Lak, Thailand. Thank you for any information.

Schweikart, Maike
Maike Schweikart from Germany. Missing in Khao Lak, Thailand. Age 29 years, 1.58m, 55kg, slender figure, dark blonde hair, brown eyes, belly button piercing. Last seen at Khao Lak Resort where she stayed with her boyfriend Dirk and friends. The wave separated her from Dirk who is safe and still in Thailand looking for her. Please contact me if you have any information on Maike's whereabouts since Dec. 26. Thank you very much.

Schwenzer, Peter
Looking for Peter Schwenzer (uncle). 61 years old, German citizen (Berlin). Last known in Phuket, Thailand. charles.herzog@gs.com

Schwetz, Hubert, and Inge
Hubert & Inge Schwetz, possibly vacationing from Vienna, Austria. Is there a list of Austrian deaths (four) so far? lrhogg@verizon.net

Scott, Michael Anthony
I'm urgently seeking information on my uncle, Michael Anthony Scott. He is a Swiss national, 57 years old and is missing in Khao Lak. He is 193cm tall and weighs 98 kilos. Please email me if you have any information.

Scully, Luke; Foust, Angela
Luke Scully and Angela Foust, they stayed at Khaolak Orchid Resort during the tsunami. nicki@shamanicjourneys.com

See, Daniel
Grateful for any information concerning the whereabouts of Mr. Daniel See and Mr. Sean (last name unknown), managers of the Club One Seven B&B in Patong, Phuket, Thailand. mschlagel67@hotmail.com

Selander, Barbro
My Swedish friend Barbro Selander is missing. She was at Khao Lak Mai quiet zone Hotel at the day of the disaster. She is about 164 cm weighs about 58 kg. brown hair blue eyes. She was with a friend Asa. If anyone hear anything please I beg you to contact me. bnaroskyin@hotmail.com

Selong, Barbara

Sengel, Karen and Mark
Karen, Mark, please let us know you are OK. High school friends anxiously waiting for word.

Sengna, Linda
I am looking for my close friend who lives and works in Phuket. Her name is Linda Sengna. If anyone who knows Linda has any info please contact me.

Senthong, Piyawan
I am looking for Miss Piyawan Senthong, a Thai national who was working at the Krabi Seaview Resort in Krabi, Thailand. Piyawan was our Au Pair on the "Au Pair in American" exchange program a few years ago and is very special to us. We would be most grateful to receive any information about her whereabouts.

Setter, Betty
Betty Setter-56/50, Sorwadnogyai (5016), Nakhu Banglamung, Pattaya, Chonburi Thailand (20150). She has a son named Michael Setter she was living with. She is my aunt and is 84 years old. She moved there from Scotsdale, Arizona. Betty is 5'2" thin build, blue eyes, hair used to be reddish brown but possibly gray now. ironton_fumc@netscape.com

Sheeler, Jeff
Brother is missing, last seen in Bangkok. His name is Jeff Sheeler. His home is in Tasmania. sheeler11@hotmail.com

Sherratt, Sam
Sam Sherratt emailed me a few days before the disaster to say that he was travelling to Thailand by car with his Father and Sister. russellwoolford@shoosmiths.co.uk

Shi, Hannah
A Chinese American. When the disaster happened, she was sleeping in the hotel in Phi Phi Island. jw323@columbia.edu

Shrestha, Lomash Dev, Rasila, Aayush
Family was residing in Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand and were on holiday near Khao Lak. bndstha@yahoo.com

Sieber, Chris and Liz
They have a diving school at Ban Kata, Tambon Karon Amphur Muang, Phuket. rudy@commans.com

Siegfried, Charles
I would like to know the whereabouts of Mr Charles Siegfried, located in Karon/Kata Beach. Been in Phuket since 1982. Raj@Alphalink.com.au

Sigel, Adam; Jody Wise
Adam Sigel and Jody Wise. They are my brothers friends and have not been heard from. jamiesc@vankampen.com

Simon, Christie
Looking for Christie Simon and her boyfriend Greg, of Ontario. cheryllynn75@yahoo.com.

Sinclair, Stuart and Yuwathida
Our friends Stuart and Yuwathida Sinclair are in Thailand with Yuwathida's family. They are Canadian, but Yuwathida is originally from Thailand. We have no way of contacting any of their family and would like information on their survival.
Update: Stu was able to call his daughter in British Columbia New Year's eve. They are in northern Thailand and were not affected. Our extreme sympathy to all who lost or have missing family.

Sinclair, Ancrew
Height: 5'9" - black tatoos in hands that reat "love - hate"

Singh, Lana Scott and Mini
Looking for my aunt and uncle -- Lana Scott Singh and Mini Singh. They live in New Delhi but have a beach house in Thailand. Not sure where they were when the tsunami hit and we have not heard from them.

Singh, Nick
My cousin, Nick Singh, and some friends are on a vacation starting from Thailand and visiting neighboring islands and countries. I would greatly appreciate if anyone has heard or had contact with him, if you can please call or e-mail me so as to put his family's mind at ease. Thank you very much. rbookram@att.net

Sirisachdecha, Prameet
Prameet Sirisachdecha was my roommate in my first year of university. That was the 2002-03 school year. For the 2004-05 school year he decided to return home to Thailand for post-secondary education. I don't know what school he went to, all I know is that he is from Bangkok and that he returned to Thailand and last I talked to him he was near the beach.

Sivade, Carl
French citizen about 185 age 29 male. He was on 26. December in Thailand on the Phi Phi Island Charlie Beach Resort/ Loh Dalam Bay. He is living and working in Germany Munich.

Slot, Vivian
My friends Helena and Steven Slot lost their daughter Vivian in Thailand.

Smith, Ann
Ann Smith of Redding, CA, left on vacation for Bangkok, Thailand and Malaysia on Dec. 22. She is 76-years-old with short, gray hair. Any news would be appreciated. Thank you.

Smith, Bryan
Looking for Bryan Smith, a fellow classmate. He is from Berkeley, CA. Any information would be great. jane@brainprod.com

Smith, Grant
I am looking for the whereabouts of Grant Smith. He was in Thailand. sonya@global.co.za

Smith, James E.
Looking for brother lived in A.Klaeng, P. Rayong, Thailand. His name is James E. Smith. Len001@cox.net

Smith, Margaret
Margaret M. Smith was vacationing in Thailand before this disaster. She is a very close friend. She has no surviving family. I was to be notified in case anything happened. Please help me to locate her. twetty222@aol.com

Sneelooper, David and Katrin
Missing David and Katrin Sneelooper. Last stayed in Khao Lak, Thailand. possibly traveling in Phang Nga area. Both 26 years of age. Both blond and blue eyes.

Snoodijk, Willem; Boonman, Monique
Willem is from the Netherlands, age 36, hair blond, slightly bald, eye's brown/grey. Monique has light brown hair, bleu eyes. They are missing from Khao Lak. gerry.deruiter@12move.nl

Soedler, Uwe
Searching for a friend, son, husband and father. His name is Uwe Soedler he is 6´2 tall and weights aprox 210 lbs. He has black hair with a bit of grey in it, short hair cut and a mustache. Last known location is Phuket, Khao Lak. His son is 7 year old Tom who was seen a lot on TV, he is found and back at home his mother was found with bad head injuries 2 days later and is now being treated in a German hospital but the worries about Uwe's wereabouts is getting to them. Please help us to find Uwe for his family. sunny_267@arcor.de

Solares, Charles
He lives on the island of Phuket with his son Clay. Please contact me if you have any info on his whereabouts. jerrodgcarter@sbcglobal.net

Solomans, Jennifer
Missing Jennifer Solomans, aged 47. Last seen on beach when the wave hit. Husband Alan and sons Richard and Ben were saved and sent home. No sign of Jenny. I was wondering if someone could check the hospitals and get in touch, if there is any news, she is about 5 ft tall with blond hair. Thanks.

Sornsongkram, Yutthana
I am looking for my foreign exchange student's brother. His name is Yutthana Sornsongkram. He attended Subiaco Academy in Subiaco, Arkansas with my little brother. We usually hear from him around the holidays. We just want to know if he and his family are alright.

Souilljee, Frans
I am looking for Frans Souilljee from the Netherlands. We don't know where is! elizabrasil@hotmail.com

Sowanakul, Sontachi
We are searching for colleague Sontachi "Sonny" Sowanakul, a Thai native who was vacationing during Christmas break. garyig@yahoo.com

Spiller, Don
My dad, Don Spiller, lives in Thailand and no one has heard from him since the tsunami. I am hoping someone can give me some information about him.
Update: My father, Don Spiller, contacted me and is safe. He was in Malaysia visiting at the time.

Spitzbart, Martina
Looking for Martina Spitzbart of Hollgraben, Austria. Last seen in Phuket, Thailand, on December 24. hc2nyc@yahoo.com

Sriprayoon, Vichai
Looking for a friend in Thailand, Vichai Sriprayoon, employee of Siam Cement in Saraburi. He was working in USA in 1997 and then went back to Thailand. Anyone who knows Vichai Sriprayoon, or knows his whereabouts, please email me asap. rhonda4542@hotmail.com

Srirattanaphol, Dang
Looking for information of Dang Srirattanaphol or her family last known to be in Phuket. chrisdaejeon@gmail.com

Srisathapornphat, Lanilat
Searching for Lanilat (Jinnie) Srisathapornphat and family to see if they are safe after the tsunami. texacat@verizon.net

Srisdum, Panya
Looking for a Thai friend living in Phuket. Small frame with black hair and about age 23. drewetaylor@hotmail.com

Srisuxi, Praphun
I'm trying to find out some news about a Thai boy working at the Charlie Beach resort on pp-island. His name is Praphun Srisuxi. I'm quite sure he was working in the hotel at the time the tsunami hit the island.

Sriyotha, Piyapong and Suthilux
Piyapong Sriyotha and his spouse Suthilux Sriyotha traveled to Bangkok, Thailand over the holidays to visit family. They have not returned as scheduled and have not been heard from.

Stanely, Bruce
Looking for a very close friend. His name is Bruce Stanley and he lived in Phuket. Would appreciate any news about him. crowscrew@mchsi.com

Stanley, Craig
Age 30, from Annesley Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, England -- a landscape gardener. [He] had also called his dad to wish him a happy birthday. Just a few hours later, tidal waves devastated shores across Southeast Asia -- and his partner Barbara McTaggart. infinity_fxp@hotmail.com

Stannard, Simon
I am looking for Simon Stannard. He rescued his child during the tidal wave. He and his family were in Phuket. His wife was up higher than him and survived with his children. We as a family are desperately looking for him. douglasx@new.co.za

Stedham, Kathryn
My dear friend, Kathryn Stedham, was supposed to be in Thailand from before Christmas until February. Neither I nor any of her friends here have heard from her. Would appreciate any word. Thanks. jfs7@verizon.net

Steeples, Eddie
I'm looking for Eddie Steeples, an American actor who was last seen in Thailand. He's the rubberband man from the Office Max commercials, if that helps any; black male, about 5'9", 120 pounds.
Update: Eddie's family has spoken directly with him and he is alive and well.

Steller, William
I'm looking for a close family friend William Steller, aka Dutch to his many Thai friends. He is white male, 5ft 8in tall, chubby and 63-64 years of age. He is living with a Thai family but travel to Pattya and the other islands. His travel plans included the islands hit by the tidal wave. He is a very close to friend to me and my family would like any information that could confirm his safety. Have him phone me or e-mail me. Thanks. Gods speed and grace be with all those affected by this event. onomrbil@megapipe.net

Stemp, Roy
I'm looking for my friend Roy Stemp and his Thai girlfriend. Roy is 60 years old and has gray hair. Roy comes from Rotterdam and works by Hunter and Douglas. joophuf@msn.com

Stenzel, Ralph and My
Ralph and My Stenzel were travellng to Vietnam for Christmas, but we fear that they may have also visited Thailand during their visit, and we have not heard from them, nor has anyone else in our family.

Stevens, Donald
Family anxiously searching for any information. US citizen living in Bangkok and Phuket alternately since 2001. 55 years, 5'8'', about 160 lbs, clean-cut sandy brown receding hair. Disfigured hand from gun wound. Last known to be in Phuket. amy_fry@pacbell.net

Stevenson, Kylie
An Australian who is living in Phuket, working as a deep sea diver medic in decompression chambers. SHARP200422@HOTMAIL.COM

Stewart, Brian
We are wanting to find out if Brian Stewart, a friend and colleague who moved to Thailand in the last year or so, is ok. We don't have his address, but understand he lived in a coastal town (near Phuket?). Before moving to Thailand he lived in Corona(?),California. goodkat@earthlink.net

St. Jean, Cole
We are looking for any information on my brother's friend Cole St. Jean. He was last known to be somewhere in Thailand surfing with a friend and apparently they were supposed to be in Bali at the time of Black Sunday. None of his friends of family have heard from him to this day. He is about 6'2", white (probably very tan) with dark hair (may have dreadlocks) he is in very good shape and is a trained firefighter so we are wondering if he is helping victims. If anyone knows of his whereabouts please contact me so I can let his family and friend know. Thank you. ssurinak@fsjland.com

Stoelinga, Otto and Hanneke
I am looking for Otto Stoelinga and Hanneke Stoelinga. They are in Thailand, where exactly I do not know. Please help me finding them. e_de_p@wanadoo.nl

Stolk, Greg
Our son is missing and was last heard from just before Christmas in Bangkok. He flew into Bangkok on China Air. Was heading into the countryside (not known where) with his traveling companion, a Thai woman named SumaLee. Greg is 40, Caucasian, blue eyes, sandy curly hair. He has distinctive broken veins in the calves of his legs.
rog1dee2@hotmail.com or dee@fileminders.com

Stoneman, Mark
Mark Stoneman living in Chiang Mai.

Stosser, Franz
Franz Stosser of Munich Germany. Last known location: The Island of Ko Chang (Ranong) on the Andaman Coast, at the Bungalow known as "Mama's Bungalows". mmam1331@aol.com

Stout, Leen
Male. Age around 45. Nobody has heard from him. He is due to work in the Netherlands Jan. 5.

Strand, Kenneth
We are looking for a friend, Dr. Kenneth Strand, an American, last known in Thailand -- possibly in Phuket. Please, Any information would be extremely appreciated. Thank you. mrthann@aol.com

Stuart, Bernarde Simon David
Bernarde Simon David Stuart, 19 years old, slim, 5'8", blue eyes, brown hair, tattoo of british bulldog with union jack incorporated on top right chest, some markings of piercing left eyebrow. Please contact me. jake_leopold@hotmail.com

Sturmer, Sophia
A young German national, age 12, vacationing in Thailand. She was last seen on the beach during the tsunami near the hotel Bhandari Resort and Spa at Khao Lak. Her mother and father are currently hospitalized at the Bangkok Phuket Hospital. eurotrotter@web.de

Sturniolo, Christopher
Christopher Sturniolo, vacationing in Thailand. seamus216@aol.com

Suessmilch, Klaus
Looking for news of my cousin Klaus Suessmilch resident of Braunchweig (Germany) on extended vacation in Phuket. Last postcard received Christmas from Phuket. jdognon@hotmail.com

Sumo, Edi Djunaedy
My brother Edi, from Indonesia, but works in Thailand (off shore) for McDermott. mp001bk@yahoo.com

Sumrall, Robert
I am looking for my uncle. His name is Robert Sumrall. He is from Mississippi and he was last known to be in Phuket, Thailand. shelia.idigpio2@dover.af.mil

Suonsivu family
We are looking Suonsivu family members, who were in Thailand for holiday. Father, Risto Suonsivu, 41, 175 cm, curly dark hair, missing. Boy, Tuukka Suonsivu, 7, blond hair, missing. Girl, Tytti Suonsivu, 5, blond hair, missing. They all were at Blue Village Pakarang in Khao Lak. heikki@suonsivu.net

Sun, Ratavy
My friend, Ratavy Sun, lived on Nichada Thani in Nonthaburi, Thailand. However, I think her family often visited Bangkok. I haven't heard from her since the tsumani hit and am concerned. She was sixteen or seventeen years old.

Sundelis,Karin; Ehlin, David; English, Cielo
Looking for KARIN SUNDELIS (female, Swedish), DAVID EHLIN (male, Swedish) and CIELO ENGLISH (Canadian, female). joshonthebus@hotmail.com

Sussman, Steve
We're looking for our friend and colleague Steve Sussman, his wife Na, and their 3 kids. They were scheduled to fly to Thailand on December 26 to visit Na's family. They may have been on the plane and arrived just after the tsunami hit, or their flight may have been diverted somewhere else. Steve, your friends at IPR are worried about you! Please email to tell us that you and your family are safe. unger@usc.edu

Stelzer, Christine
I am looking desperately for Christine Stelzer. She was in the Baan Khao Lak Resort, Phang Nga, Phuket. Nationality: Swiss Height: 1.67m Weight: 47 Kg Eyes: brown Hair color: Blond-Red complexion: Fair skin with freckles. acm-swiss@bluewin.ch

Swain-Dugman, Anthony (aka Snowy or Tony)
Australian, last spoken to in Thailand, staying at Phuket marina on his yacht, Onyx.

Swanton, Michael
Looking to find the whereabouts of Michael Swanton. He is 6ft tall, dark skin, brown eyes, black afro hair type and has the name "Mick" tattooed on his upper left arm. Michael was last known to be heading for Phuket looking to buy property. simon.elliff@btinternet.com

Sweezea family
Scott and Lien Sweezea and four children (Gabrielle, Issiah, Alexander and Micah). They arrived in Phuket on the 18/12/2004 and were due to depart Phuket on the 5/1/2005 any information would be greatly appreciated. micahjones30@hotmail.com

Sweinberger, Helmut; Kidd, Gavin
I am searching for Helmut Swienberger and Gavin Kidd who were know to be in Phuket. Gavin owned a cycle livery and Helmut a restaurant/bar on the beach.

Swinnen, Paul
Trying to locate PAUL SWINNEN somewhere in Thailand on a vacation trip. rita.tielemans@telenet.be

Talada or Tolada, Nami (Lisachan)
Nami Talada or Tolada, Japanese female staying at private residence in Phuket, was there to learn to be a diving instructor. Arrived Dec. 11, 2004. Mid to late 20s She has not responded to any e-mails.

Talrcyk, Mieszko
Mr. MIESZKO TALRCZYK, from Sweden, 30 yrs, 170 cm, has two big moles lost in PHI PHI CHALEY KRABI bald BIG BROWN BEARD. wazup@comhem.se

Tate, Jim
Looking for family friends Jim Tate and his wife, vacationing in Thailand. African American couple from Greenville, SC (Simpsonville) area.

Tatiana, Fomina
Please contact me if you have any information about Ms. FOMINA TATIANA (RUSSIAN). nhuhao_le@yahoo.com

Taylor, Albert
Age 63, American, gray hair, tattoo above his right knee. stephgeno@sbcglobal.net

Taylor, Ann
Ann Taylor, last known address Bangkok on Christmas Day, traveling south, and then on to UK in the new year.

Taylor, Claire
I'm looking for Claire Taylor last known to be visiting the islands in Thailand on Boxing Day. I'm very worried & have heard she may be in hospital.
Update: I have now heard from Claire Taylor, Plymouth, UK. She and her friend are safe and well on the other coast.

Taylor, Mark
Searching for Mark Taylor. andyandjen111@aol.com

Taylor, Susan and Daniel
Looking for family friends, Susan Taylor and her son Daniel from Dallas, TX.

Tekoz, Seda
I am looking for Seda Teköz. She stayed on Phi Phi Island.

Tellefson family
I am looking for information on the Tellefson Family from Norway. I taught their twin girls (6) and no one has had word from them since the tsunami. The girls are traveling with their mother and father and older sister (8). Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Templton, Vanessa
I am looking for a friend of mine that lives in Phuket, her name is Vanessa Templton. Terrell.Friedrich@Halliburton.com

Tepji-tara, Kitipong
I am looking for my friend, Kitipong 'Sui' Tepji-tara, last known residence near Phi Phi beach, in Phuket. He is a faculty member of the Krabi Technical College in Krabi, Thailand. His family -- parents, siblings, etc., reside in that area. He is single and has no children. Would be in his early 50's. Please respond with any information that you might have. I thank you so much. carolsimmons1@cinci.rr.com

Terry, Richard and Suporn
My mother's best friend and her husband went to Thailand for Christmas and we have not heard from them. We are not sure exactly where they were staying and we are very concerned. Can you help? Their names are Richard and Suporn Terry. All we know is they flew in to Bangkok on the 17 of December and are due home on the 12 of January. Thank You. swolfe1@cfl.rr.com

Teruya, Lisa
She was on a working visa in Japan and was on vacation at Thailand with friends. She is a Japanese American in her mid twenties and about 5'5" tall. She was traveling with others with Japan passports. steveishi@hawaii.rr.com

Thanapunshin, Oat
I am looking for Oat Thanapunshin. He was last living with his family near Bangkok with his family. If anyone has any information about him please let me know. Thank you. jrome8605@yahoo.com

Tharo, Krish
I am looking for a friend. His name is Krish Tharo and he works at the Tea Institute. Can you tell me if he is safe? Thank you.

Theunissen, Ria (Maria)
DOB 05-07-1947 She was travelling alone. During the tsunami tragedy she was somewhere in Phuket. lambert.theunissen@obsdetandem.nl

Thibodo, Chanyaporn (Chana) and George
I'm searching for Chanyaporn (Chana) and George Thibodo. They are U.S. citizens on vacation in Thailand. Any information would be much appreciated. Gregory.Lonnqvist@umassmed.edu

Thomas, Charles
Charles Thomas lives onboard his yacht MV Rover, usually around Langawe.
Update: Charles Thomas has been found safe and well in the Royal Langawe Yacht Club marina in Thailand.

Thomas, Michael
Last Known Address: F&B Manager, Novotel Lotus Hotel, Bangkok. noelt@sltnet.lk

Thompson, Albert Gregory
My father has been living in Phuket, Thailand for many years and I am having trouble contacting him. He is in his mid to late 50's, and last time I heard he was married with a child named Wilawan (I think). Please contact me if anyone knows of his status. noo_noo@austarnet.com.au

Thompson, Chris
Looking for information on my good friends Chris Thompson and his girlfriend Ashley from Toronto, Canada. jasonhigh@videotron.ca

Thompson, Craig Kyle

Thompson, Jacqui and Langdon, John
Missing Australian couple: Jacqui Thompson (nee Halvorson) (40) and John Langdon (35) Believed on Thai island off Phuket on hired motorbike. Jacqui petite attractive blond(5ft 2inches), John, fair, athletic type, well built (5 ft 10inches). rachelsul@optusnet.com

Thompson, James Everett
Age 69, 182 cm, 90 kg, gray mustache and hair, U.S. citizen. Resident near Phang Nga, ill from bleeding ulcers. Living with companion Nuon, 46, Thai national. His brother is seeking any information. tivt55@hotmail.com

Thornton, John
Seeking information about my brother, John Thornton, age 46, living in Thailand for the past year. He may have been in the area of Phuket during the tsunami, have not heard from him since. John is formerly from the Boston, Massachusetts area. Any information would be greatly appreciated. j7a7b7c@sover.net

Tieophanijaroen, Tongjit and Preechaya Tiranasar
I am blessed with having 2 Thai citizens as "family" to us here in the U.S.! They were students at Savannah College of Art & Design and they helped me in my art studio. They became very close and loved by us. They still live in the USA but were vacationing in Thailand... seeing their family and friends! They travel when they are at home and we pray they were not near any beaches at the time of the tsunami! We are so very worried about them and would like to know if they are okay! We pray that they are and that their family is as well! Their names are Tongjit Tieophanijaroen and Preechaya Tiranasar! They were to be in Thailand for 7 weeks... due back approximately the last week in January. It is so very hard to wait that long to know that they are okay! Please post this.. with the hopes that maybe they (or someone who knows them) will see this... and tell them we hope to hear from them. They can call us collect if it is necessary! We are happy to do ANYTHING just to know they are safe! Thank you for your good work in getting these messages out! bcastudio@earthlink.net

Titeux family
Someone has news about Family Titeux from France? They stay at Khao Lak at the Sofitel Magic blue lagoon - no news since 26.12! Thanks! raphael.samuel@wanadoo.fr

Topalo, Deniz
We desperately looking for Deniz Topalo. A Turkish man, age 25. He works in a hotel in Thailand. mieke2512@hotmail.com

Tran, Tammy N.
Tammy N. Tran (Vietnamese/American) female of 30 years of age (black hair, brown eyes with a rose tattoo on body). Just given birth to healthy baby boy, Evann Yves Mahe (12/20/2004), who is also missing. Both mother and son last seen in Sofitel Magic Lagoon in Khao Lak, Thailand. minhhuong@yahoo.com

Treuthardt, John
Looking for John Treuthardt. He is my ex-husband. He was living in Phuket Thailand. He is 5'7" tall, about 160 pounds, born 5/2/53, age 52, bald, wears glasses to read, has hazel eyes and has a tatoo on one of his sholders.
Update: John Treuthardt is ok. He emailed yesterday. Thank you for all you do!

Tronsen, Enid
Looking for an elderly woman named Enid Tronsen. She was in a tour group in Thailand and we haven't heard whether she is okay or not. Enid wears hearing aids and is a wonderful Christian woman. cj@vtw.net

Trottier, Chris
Can somebody please tell me if they have seen Chris Trottier from Toronto, Canada? He left for Thailand and was thinking of staying longer than he planned. I dunno if he was in that part of Thailand affected by the tsunami. qrod06@aol.ca

Trudeau, Cindi
We are looking for information on Cindi Trudeau who is a friend and was vacationing in Thailand. jeanette_ilene@yahoo.com

Trueheart, John
American John Trueheart. Last known living in Thailand. Married Thai native. Last known employer Compresourse in Dallas, Texas. Has children in Texas as well, don't know if he and his wife survived. Please help! safaridc@aol.com

Trumm, Dinah Lorena
I'm looking for a friend Dinah Lorena Trumm 24, she was visiting Khao Lak at the time of the tsunami, she is still missing. She has German and Mexican nationality. If anyone has any information please contact me, Thanks. anita.rdz@gmail.com and kaiserweigand@yahoo.de

Tucker, Charity
We are looking for our friends Charity Tucker and her boyfriend Jeff who were vacationing in Thailand. We have not been able to reach them for some time now. Please help!! Thanks!! wgriffin@gillmanauto.com

Tucker-Jones, Joseph and family
I am trying to find out if Joseph Tucker-Jones and his family are safe. He went to Thailand for Christmas with his mum, step dad 2 younger sisters (1 who is called bonnie) and his younger brother to see friends of his stepdads. I met him in hospital and we both have the same illness. They live in chichester. Joe is 15 with black hair (although he could have dyed since I last saw him early December) and is about 5'2". I really hope none of them have been hurt in any way and am praying for those who have suffered. michbrtr@aol.com

Tuemtam, Thanatcha
I have a friend that lives in Pattaya, Thailand and I don't know if she's ok. I haven't heard fom her. Her name is Thanatcha Tuemtam and if there is any way for me to find out of her condition and or location, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Tulyayon, Jula and Sukanya
Jula and Sukanya Tulyayon live(d) at 200-46 Windmill Place -- Bangna, Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540. Last correspondence from Bank of AYUDHYA Public Company Limited. They were to open a resort. Last worked at Andamanc. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you! lrodriguez8@sbcglobla.net

Tuominen, Eero
I'm looking for my uncle Eero Tuominen. He is a Finnish citizen and was last seen in Khao Lak, Thailand. kebroman@hotmail.com

Turolla, Rodolfo
Looking for Rodolfo Turolla, Italian, and his wife Jennifer, American. Last known place of residence: Phuket, Thailand. tammy.cheung@prada.com

Turtle, Adam
I am looking for my cousin Adam Turtle and his Thai wife, Tukata. He normally lives in Helensburgh, Scotland, but always visited Bangkok over Xmas to be with Tukata's parents. He is about 55 years old, tall with silver hair. I have been unable to contact him so if anyone knows of him please let me know. alex_mcinnes@hotmail.com

Tyler, Gary
We have not yet heard from our uncle, Gary Tyler, age 59. He lives in southern Thailand. Gary, please let us know if you're all right. quimbymouse12@yahoo.com

Tyler, Jameie
We are looking for our friend and co-worker Jameie Tyler, she was last heard to be heading to complete her master diving certification in Phuket. She is a spunky brunette from Santa Barbara. Please let us know if you have seen or heard from her -- as are all of us on this site -- we are concerned. Thank you. mary.thompson@scalasbistro.com

Uhrmann, Kirstin
Age 26; hair: blond; eyes: grey green; height: 170 cm. Last place seen: Khao Lak, "Joe's Steakhouse." andreas.lobocki@web.de

Ukhova, Dima
My wife's brother Dima Ukhova and his girlfriend Zhenya have not been heard from since Christmas. Anyone having any information on their whereabouts please contact me as soon as possible! Thank You. fredfig@aol.com

Urumovic, Vladan and Ilic, Nina
Our best friends Mr Vladan Urumovic, his wife Nina Ilic and their son are missing. They arrived to Khao Lak on Dec. 22. They were last seen at their hotel Baan Khao Lak resort, having breakfast at 9 am. We love you Nina, Alexander and Vladan and hope to see you soon.

Valekha, Dimitriy
I am seeking any information about Dimitriy Valekha, male, late 20s in age, birthplace Russian Federation, speaks Russian and English. Dimitriy's parents moved to Reisterstown, Maryland, from Bryansk, Russia, some years ago. Dimitriy "Dima" has lived in Thailand for past year or two. wenbrooke@verizon.net

Vanbaelinghem, Corinne
Nickname is Coco. She is a French woman, from Dunkerque (northern France). She is 36 years old, fair, blue eyes, 1.74 m. She was in Bangkok on December 23. We have no news from this day. Please, if you have seen her or have some news, contact me thank you. fensib@yahoo.fr

Vaughan, Ashley Pelham
He is 32, 6'3" black hair. Vaughan, DrLPV@aol.com

Vega, Carlos
My husband and I would like to make sure Carlos Vega is okay. He moved to Thailand from Florida, (living previously in San Bernardino, CA) a little more than a month ago and we haven't heard from him. Any news would be appreciated. He has a slight build, with dark curly hair. tdavisre@hotmail.com

Venkatesan, Gopal
My friend Gopal Venkatesan went to Thailand with a group for vacation on Dec. 22nd and I last talked with him before his trip on 21st. Greatly appreciate any information about his whereabouts. yanzhang968@netzero.com

Vepsa, Mirja and Ahti
Looking for elderly Finnish couple, my parents, Mirja and Ahti Vepsa, both missing in Khao Lak. Mirja, 65 years old is 170 cm, normal weight, short thick dark hair, round blue eyes. Ahti, 68 years old, is about 170cm, thin, balding dark-grayish hair, blue eyes, very talkative. Stayed in Hotel Palm Andaman. Please contact even with a minor clue. pekka@planet-save.com

Vetevoog, Sven and Merle Vooder
Searching for two Estonians last seen in Phuket on the morning of December 26. Their names are Sven Vetevoog and Merle Vooder. Sven is about 183 cm tall, very athletic, tattoo of a dragon on his foot, blond hair and grey eyes. Merle is about 160 cm tall, with long blond hair and blue eyes. So if anyone has seen them please let me know. katrin@kermon.ee

Viliran-Hill, Maria Rica
Maria Rica Viliran-Hill, with Stefan Durst in Thailand since Dec 25. Pls forward any information. enya140@hotmail.com

Vincent, Rod
Searching for my father, he has been vacationing in Thailand.
Update: My father-in-law was in Cambodia; he has contacted the family and is OK. Thanks so much for everyone's help.

Vivatanawongsa, Somsri
I am looking for information regarding my friend: Somsri Vivatanawongsa, 63 Krabee Road, Phuket, Thailand. JllRent@aol.com

Vlamis, Anthiny (Sonny)
A friend who lived in Phuket is not answering e-mails. His name is Anthiny Vlamis (Sonny) 64 years old, probably considered "a character" in the beach community. He loved Thailand and made Phuket his home when he was not in San Francisico. We are all anxious to here of his whereabouts. sueluc@aol.com

Voelkel, Ted
He was going to Bangkok and Phuket. If anyone has any information please e-mail me. jroccoc@yahoo.com

Von Marenholtz, Alain
Fellow co-workers and friends Looking for Alain Von Marenholtz, an employee of United Airlines. Alain left for Bangkok on Dec. 23 and was headed for the beach area, either Phuket or Koh Samui and Sri Lanka. Brother in Germany has called San Francisco anxious to hear from him. Alain is age 58, German-born and holding an American passport. dannford2004@yahoo.com

Vong, David
The person I'm looking to find out about is a member of my staff who was going home for five weeks. His name is David Vong.

Voster, Amanda, Hendrik and Elektra
I believe that Amanda and Hendrik Voster were going to Thailand on holiday with their daughter Elektra, please can someone let us know if they have seen them? Anxiously waiting for a reply!

Vunnavittayasing, "Eddie" Suttisak
I am looking for ANY information about the following person, last heard from on December 23rd. His name is Suttisak "Eddie" Vunnavittayasing. He went home to Bangkok from Antwerp to visit his family on December 25, 2004 on Singapore Airlines. His address is: 25 Moo 11 Soi Khangkhan 4, Phaholyothin Rd., Khukhot, Lumlokka, Pathumthani 12130, Thailand. Pictures of him appear on his web page at: http://www.geocities.com/eddie_thai

Vuorinen, Helge and Paula
I'm looking for Helge (52) and Paula Vuorinen. They were believed to be vacationing in Thailand. To date, have not heard anything from them. They are from Laitila, Finland. turku316@hotmail.com

Waddell, Ana
I am a teacher at PS3 in Greenwich Village Manhattan. Both the students and I are concerned about my student teacher, who left to visit her parents who taught in Thailand. Her name is Ana Waddell and if someone has heard from her I hope that they will contact us. moondancer12@verizon.net

Walkhoff, Alexandra
I'm looking for my friend, Alexandra Walkhoff. He is a male caucasian from Germany. He has short curly hair and stands at around 1.75 tall and skinny. He is in his 30's. Believe he is island hopping before the disaster struck. I'm very worried as he did not get in touch as usual. Would appreciate if anybody who knows his whereabouts could contact me at g-georgia@mailcity.com. Thank you very much.g-georgia@mailcity.com

Wall, Patrick and Kathleen
From Conesus, New York. [They] were visiting, and we have not heard from them. We are hoping to find info about them. jdnlinda@optonline.net

Walz, Sue Rae
Sue Rae Walz is an American citizen visiting Thailand. We have not heard from her since the tsunami and would like to know that she is safe.

Wan Ahmed, Wan Rusli
I am looking for a friend called "Weli" (full name Wan Rusli Wan Ahmed) who worked at the Aquanauts Dive Shop in Phi Phi Don. He is Malaysian, about 5"8, with shoulder length curly black hair in a pony tail, and several piercings in each ear. I would really like to hear from anyone who may know what has happened to him.
Update: I had placed an email on your site regarding Wan Rusli Wan Ahmed, who I have now been able to contact. He is safe and has returned to Malaysia. My thanks for helping me to locate him.

Ward, Bryan
I am looking for Bryan Ward. He lives in Vancouver, BC and is a photographer that I have used frequently in the past years for business purposes. He and his girlfriend Shelley, I do not have her last name, were going to vacation somewhere in Thailand. I am unsure of their exact departure date, but I believe it was somewhere around December 26, returning on January 3. I have contacted his office and a few other people that know him to no avail. I just would like to know if they are okay.

Warren, Terry and Karen
Has anyone heard of any news of South African couple, Terry and Karen Warren from Durban travelling with their two girls, Claire and Samantha ... extremely concerned! marleneco@shaw.ca

Watterson, Sarah
PLEASE any information of my friend holidaying in Phuket at the time of tsunami. angelaiida@hotmail.com

Weber family
My friend Greg Weber and his wife, two grown daughters went to Thailand for Christmas vacation. I have not heard from him. I would like to make sure he is OK. If you have him on a list, let me know. Thank you!
Update: Greg has returned home safely.

Weingraber, Ebba
A childhood friend of mine is looking for his mother from Austria. She was last seen walking on the beach in Thailand. Her boyfriend got a call on 12/27 that she is okay and that he should take a helicopter to Bangkok -- however this was the last they've heard from/about her. She might be listed under Australia. Her name is Ebba Weingraber. Any information would be greatly appreciated. usaut88@yahoo.com

Weissberg, Nicole
My cousin, Nicole Weissberg, age 27 of Denver, CO (student at U. of Denver Business School) was traveling alone in Kao Luk and has not been heard from since the tsunami hit. lweissberg@ealaw.com

Welch, Benjamin
Benjamin Welch worked for an off shore drilling for oil. Home base Long Beach, California. He is an American citizen. He is unmarried but has two children. He lives in Thailand. rceil@chorus.net

Weldon, Brett and Nit
Looking for our dear friend Brett (from Montreal), and Nit (who is Thai). Left for Phuket, Thailand (probably Patong) in October and we haven't heard from them since the Tsunami. He has blonde, curly hair and vivid blue eyes, 5'8", 140-150 lbs. She is brunette, long straight hair, petite 110-115 lbs. Any news would be appreciated.
Update: They are alright. He called home and they're okay.

Wemple, George
Age: between 61-64, American, living full time in Thailand last known to be: Phuket, Thailand. George has many family members in the U.S. who are worried about him. wempleg001@hawaii.rr.com

Werkelin, Max
Urgently looking for Max Werkelin, Swedish, four years old. On Max´s left wrist he has a black (yellow on the backside) textile band with yellow text in stitching saying "Kneippbyn". His mother and big brother Charlie were found dead at Bangmuang Khao Lak on Dec. 28 and Jan. 1. He was last seen alive at Coconut Grove Restaurant close to Pasha Resort Hotel in Khao Lak when the wave came.

Westlund, David
I am looking for any information concerning the whereabouts of my brother-in-law, David Westlund, who is living in Thailand with his father, step-mom and two young sisters. He is American, blond hair with blue eyes. We are not sure of location in Thailand and haven't heard from him in a long time. rwestlund531@hotmail.com

White, Matt
My friend Matt White went to Thailand 12/24/04 to check on his wife's visa to speed her immigration progress up. He lives in Star, NC, and has given me no feedback on his arrival to Thailand. I am hoping for his safety and return along with new wife. Please notify me his whereabouts or status.

Widjaja, Preety
Her name is Preety Widjaja. She is Chinese/Indonesian but an American citizen working for Dell, Inc. We last heard from her on 12/20/04. donna_burrer@dell.com

Wigton, Dana
I'm looking for my best friend Dana Wigton. She was vacationing on the beaches of Thailand with her family. Dana is 17-years old, and her parents are Pat and Marvin. She was also with her 21-year-old brother Troy. They are originally from Minnesota. Please let me know of any of their whereabouts. megham9001@hotmail.com

Wilke, Paul Douglas
Looking for news on Paul Douglas Wilke and wife, Tip. Thought to be in Phuket last. Last received e-mail was beginning Dec. 2004. Description: White American male with very long dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Approx. 6'2". Wife is a Thai lady. andyj_d@hotmail.com

Willer, Peter
Please do you have any information on a German national living in Australia by the name of Peter Willer.

Wilson, Roslyn and Hagar, Kevin
I am looking for my sister Roslyn Wilson, 29 years old, South African, who was working on a yacht in Phuket -- she phoned about two hours after the tsunami hit Phuket and was OK, but she not made any further contact. Boyfriend is there to also missing, Kevin Hagar. alfaholics@telkomsa.net

Wilson, Rich
From Santa Cruz CA, travelling in Pattaya for several months. He was heading for Ko Phi Phi with his mom for Christmas. long-sue@comcast.net

Wiltshire, Peter and Janet
We are looking for Peter and Janet Wiltshire, English people living in Hemer, Germany. During the disaster they were on holiday in Thailand somewhere. Did anyone hear anything about them? johnrandle@home.nl

Winther, Malene Juel
Desperately seeking Danish Malene Juel Winther; she was in Khao Lak. If anybody has any information on her, please give contact. She has fine short blond curls, and is a tall Scandinavian type. kjeldtoft@hotmail.com

Witherspoon, Mike
Looking for information on Mike Witherspoon's (Spoon's) whereabouts. He was last known to be vacationing in Thailand. hramler@yahoo.com

Woehl, Stephan and Tevi Ngak
My good friends Stephan Woehl and Tevi Ngak went to Cambodia for a family reunion, along with other family members here in the States. They were also planning on taking a tour of Southeast Asia, including Thailand. Many of Tevi's friends here in L.A. have been trying to contact her via e-mail and phone, but her phone has been turned off, and we have not yet received a response. Tevi is Cambodian-American, about 5 feet 3 inches tall, and Stephan is German-born, about 6 feet tall. They left for Asia mid-December, and have planned their itinerary for a full month. Please let me know if they have been identified in any of the disaster-struck areas. Thank you. syleeya@yahoo.com

I was in Phuket last month and came to know this local tour guide - Mr. Wongsakorn. My friends and I are eager to know how is he doing now? kcangie@tm.net.my

Woodhouse, Marilyn
She's 48 years old and a British national, vacationing in Phuket, Thailand since Dec 19th. She's blonde, 5'8" 125 lbs.
Update: I am relieved to report that she has been in contact with her family and you may remove my posting from your webpage. Thank you for all your help.

Wu, Jack
We're looking for our friend Jack Wu and his wife, from Australia. They were on a honeymoon trip on Phuket, Thailand. orlando.ortiz@gmail.com

Wyatt, Brandon
U.S. citizen, Caucasian, 24-years-old, long brown curly hair. Last known destination the coast of Thailand over Christmas. phil@medicalcentral.com

Viola, Gianni and Antonella
Our dear friends, Gianni & Antonella Viola, and their 5-year-old daughter were on holiday since December 11. They were supposed to be at the JW Marriott in Bangkok awaiting an authorization form from me. They did receive it. My concern is they were only staying there until the 13th of December, we have been in contact from December 11th - the 23rd. But I have not heard from them. I do have photos from them but we have not received an e-mail from them since December 23rd. I am just afraid that they were transferred to the JW Marriott in Phuket. Please help us find them. They are from Bologna Italy. We send our prayers and love to those who are lost and deceased. We will help in anyway possible. Waiting to exhale despartely in New York. mmontijo@swwb.org

Webb, Rebecca and Dean- Fran, Frody, Shaun and Neil
Staying at Hotel-Petong Merlin, Phuket. Traveling with mother (Fran) aged late 30s and step-father Dean Byrne, along with three brothers (Brody & Shaun, 17, Neil 18). persons.thenerms@bigpond.net.au

Welte, Mike
Mike Welte is a friend of mine that left for Thailand and Malaysia in the beginning of November. He and his brother were planning on staying at various islands for approximately one year. I have talked to other friends that know him, and no one has heard from him. mjjmpg2@aol.com

West, Kelli
I am looking for information on Kelli West. She is my niece and was traveling with her father to Thailand for the holidays. ipuc2001@hotmail.com

We are after information on behalf of Colin and Joy Daley whose close friends Harry and Rachael Wheeler from America were last known to be vacationing with family in Thailand. jamieson@teknet.net.au

Wilcox, Terry
My friend Terry Wilcox, in his 60s, moved to Thailand in July 2004, and was retired. I have not been in touch with him since, and wonder if anyone can tell me if he is unharmed? janetv14@earthlink.net

Wittcoff, Harold A. and Dorothy
Please furnish me with any news about my aunt and uncle who traveled to Thailand on Sunday, December 26, 2004. I shall be grateful for any info you send me.

Wittenbecher, Timo
We are looking for Timo Wittenbecher (11 years) and Maike Schweikart (29 years). Timo and Maike were stayed with Timos mother and friends in Khao Lak. We are trying to get any information about them. The mother of Timo is injured. If anyone has information about the condition and the whereabouts of Timo and Maike, please contact us. Thank you for helping. ina.illenberger@t-online.de

Wong, Rubina Carmen
25 years old, Chinese Canadian, 5ft, 100lbs, shoulder length hair, tattoo of goldfishes on lower back and dragonfly on right shoulder. Last seen on the Phi Phi Island, wearing white tank top.

Wyant, Jenn; Lalonde, Derek
Seeking any information regarding my friends Jenn Wyant and her boyfriend Derek Lalonde. nat_percival@yahoo.com

Yamada, Shione
Missing since 26 December, when the Tsunami struck, she was with me in front of P. P. Charlie's Resort's reception. I lost her soon after that. Please, please any information will help. schwdhry@yahoo.com

Yangchana, Lynn
Lynn Yangchana, San Diego, California. tammyg@wirestone.com

Yelle, Roger and Caitlin Griffith
We are looking for Roger Yelle and his wife, Caitlin Griffith, both of whom are professors at the Lunar and Planetary Lab of the University of Arizona. They are on a bicycle trip through Thailand. Their families and co-workers are anxious to know whether they are safe. Please contact us with information.
Update: The family has received postcards that indicate that Caitlin and Roger were in the Northern region of Thailand at the time of the tsunami. Thus, we are confident that they are not missing as previously reported on this Web site. Thanks for your concern.

Yepez, James
24 yrs old, short brown hair, American, he was traveling with 3 other friends & was staying in a beach house in Phuket. soupspoon75@hotmail.com

Yindeewong, Duangkamol
She lives in Saimai Bangkok. Please let me know about any information, thanks. veliz_j78@yahoo.com

Yodphet, Nanwadee
Miss Nanwadee Yodphet, disappeared in Khao Lak, Bang Niang Beach Road. Any information is valuable to me. Also looking for contact info regarding miss Ann...? Working at Sita Garden before tsunami. She is alive, but I need to contact her. eric.behm@telia.com

Young, Damon
My son, Damon Young, age 35, 6'2", mostly bald, 185 lbs, blue eyes, vacationing with buddies from Los Angeles, Ca. Middle fingers both hands scarred from injuries. cdrown@cox.net

Young, Iain
Amy Ko is looking for a Canadian friend called Iain Young from Vancouver. He is around 46-years-old, height 5'8" and has red hair. He was last heard from Phuket Island, Thailand on Dec. 25. If anyone has any of news or information, please contact me.

Zana, Natacha
I'm looking for information about my friend Natacha Zana, who is 35 years old. She was born January 31, 1969, and is French. She is 61 inches tall and has black curly hair and brown eyes. Natacha was on vacation since December 23 at the Phi Phi Charlie Beach Resort (Address : 104 Moo 7, Phi Phi Island - Muang, Krabi 81000) when the tsunami disaster struck. She was probably diving at the time. You'll find a picture of her on http://www.reseaucetaces.org/indexstart.php3 gauthier.chapelle@polarfoundation.org

Zareba, Zofia and Boleslaw
I am looking for my friends, an older couple, Zofia and Boleslaw Zareba of Woodley, Reading Berkshire, England. They left home on December 17 for their oceanfront cottage in Thailand. If anyone has any news or information about them, please contact me. caramiamine2005@hotmail.com

Zellin, Anna
Anna Zellin, age 15, is still missing. She was pulled away from her family by the wave. visaknardiganna@komhem.se

Zimmerman, Monica
I am looking for Monica Zimmerman from Tacoma, Washington. She was going to Thailand with her boyfriend and his family for Christmas. She is blond and about 5'9" tall. smcgov8957@nventure.com

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